Distributed Ledger Technologies

Forum to discuss challenges and demonstrate opportunities brought by the application of Distributed Ledger Technologies within IoT solutions. Our member group forms the merge between legacy and innovative DLT enabled ecosystems. Our members contributions to the AIOTI High Level Architecture for data spaces, drives multiple vertical and transversal industries and use cases. Our members demonstrate DLT enabled solutions on the new AIOTI Testbeds in liaison with OGC, the EBSI, Climate Chain Coalition and INATBA.


The main group objective is to generate opportunities for collaborative research and innovation for our members:

  • Contribute to the SRIA for Horizon Europe work programmes
  • Facilitate consortia building for Horizon Europe calls in the scope of WG DLT activities
  • Demonstrations within the Smart Networks public-private partnership
  • Cooperation with other R&D&I organisations/partnerships with specific programmes in the scope of WG DLT activities
  • Collaboration with INTBA, Climate Chain Coalition, Open Geospatial Consortium, StandICT.eu and the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI)
  • Connecting the AIOTI Testbeds with Testing and experimentation facilities (living labs) within the Digital Europe programme.
  • Digital Innovation Hubs (Digital Europe programme)
  • Work together on trans-Atlantic DLT interoperability
  • Architecture contributions to IDS, Gaia-X and EU-OS


  • Members use cases demonstrations



  • Liaison with INATBA WG Interoperability and EU-OS


Business models

  • DLT components and High-level Architecture


AIOTI Testbeds

  • Members use case demonstrations
  • Autonomous sensor networks
  • Agri food supply chain
  • Energy market places
  • Smart manufacturing and Mobility
  • Financial micro-services (IoT data marketplaces)
  • Digital identity management
  • Connected health
  • Carbon offset and other Climate action use cases in liaison with the Climate Chain Coalition (CCC)


Climate action

  • Our working group monitors the environmental impacts of DLT


Matchmaking for EU funded projects



  • Group members research and experiment the different angles of β€œconvergence”, with the intention to publish Research notes and to contribute to the SRIA.



  • To identify key technological developments and technological Proof of Readiness in the scope of DLT


Tom De Block, Nearcom
Alfredo Favenza, Fondazione LINKS