Early Innovation Champions

  • Open Calls (FTSP) has become a strong mechanism for introducing opportunities for new actors to shape the productisation and commercial relevance of European R&I projects.
  • The engagement of SMEs and start-ups is a source of innovation within edge computing but is not yet fully realised towards sustainability.
  • AIOTI Membership acts on both sides:
    • Coordinators and developers of Open Calls within projects
    • Participants presenting for Open Calls and/or successfully entering projects
  • Task Force will support the successful delivery and innovation potential of AIOTI membership and scale the impact of activities bringing it closer to market and engaging larger organisations and. non-grant based finance
  • Provide members with tools and best practice for designing and delivering open calls within their proposals and projects
  • Connect AIOTI members with opportunities to apply to relevant open calls
  • Align the AIOTI with key Edge-IoT AI ICT 48, DATA-01 and other relevant Cluster projects
  • Support members who have participated in open calls in commercialising and/or maintaining the solutions developed with external actors
  • Guide future application of the mechanism and improve impact of AIOTI participants
Mayte Carracedo, Fundingbox
Brendan Rowan, BluSpecs