Innovation Ecosystems

European organisations stand to benefit from innovating with IoT in collaborative, decentralized ecosystems. Our working group makes this happen to create smart networks and services, through knowledge sharing, simplification and orchestration.

Develop a method for IoT ecosystem transformation

  • Develop and publish a new method for orchestrating digital transformation for (platform-based) collaborating organizations, including developing new models of multi-stakeholder value creation.
  • Connect with large scale pilots to guide the governance of data spaces and the implementation of responsible data sharing solutions.
  • Linking the AIOTI community with our DIH IoT Network, SCoDIHNet, providing information where IoT focused DIH are located, and organise networking activitie


Support the European cross-sectoral data economy

  • Devise novel IoT-based business models using data-agile solutions to contribute to a European responsible data economy, preventing ‘winner takes all’ market failures.
  • To stimulate experimentation with end-users to address real needs and to enable innovations informed by real-world, day-to-day practices, habits and routines. Open large scale pilots to SMEs; to test and validate interoperability.
  • Develop and promote an IoT wiki, mapping IoT-relevant technologies, devices and services, as well as IoT-related expertise across different industry sectors throughout Europe.


Show how IoT enables the circular economy

  • Develop a framework aligned with the EU’s Green New Deal, that enables economic opportunities provided by IoT-based transparency in closing material and energy loops.
  • Partner with leading climate and environmental organizations to enhance the synergy between the digital and the sustainability revolutions.
  • Link our IoT-Circular Economy framework to EU, regional and national governments’ sustainability programmes.


Influence policy to boost Europe’s smart networks and services

  • Gather empirical evidence of best practices and business impact, to develop clear lessons for the realization of globally-competitive smart networks and services.
  • Connect to, contribute to, and guide EU policy on smart networks and services, incorporating the working group’s knowledge of collaborative innovation.
  • Continue to publish and reach out to policy makers and industry groups on lessons learned and pitfalls to avoid when setting the rules of the game for digital innovation.
David Langley, TNO
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