To serve as a focal point for collecting stakeholder requirements for IoT enabled Smart Cities, actively engage with existing standards groups, be IoT enabled smart city vision and think tank

The focus will mainly be on Urban Societies and their Communities, including rural areas. Urban Society is cross-cutting by integrating and touching all domains, not only the horizontals but also the vertical domains which are intertwined with Urban Society. A revised roadmap has been introduced during the first period of 2022 including new milestones and deliverables to complete during this year. The main objective is to implement a human-centric approach in which societal challenges are the drivers pushing forward smart solutions, an approach different from the conversant technical-centric vision.


The main objective is to increase the drivers of success, gain more solid footing, overcome big blockades and, last but not least, do the right thing for our ecosystem of people, society, ecology and economy. We will do so by linking to related digital areas like public services, sustainability, crisis preparedness, digital privacy, cybersecurity and healthy living focusing on the three main pillars of the European Commission: greener, more digital and more resilient.

Urban Society Portfolio of Solutions

AIOTI is building a Catalogue of Solutions based on its members’ contributions to tackle different challenges within Urban Society, namely the improvement of Health & Social Resilience by addressing the Clean, Smart and Fair Urban Mobility and Reskill and Upskill, Jobs and Growth, and the Twin Transition:

  • Increasing crisis reaction and crisis preparedness
  • Air Pollution in Urban Regions
  • Fighting Physical inactivity in Urban Regions
  • Noise and Mental health in Urban Society
  • Active and Healthy Living and Ageing
  • Indoor Environmental Quality in Urban Society
  • Water & Soil Pollution in Urban Society
  • Municipal and Agricultural Waste Management in Urban Society
  • Collecting Data and Harmonization in Use of Data
  • Clean, Smart and Fair Urban Mobility
  • Twin Transition

This Catalogue has been created as an open-source project available on GitHub, which allows for broader dissemination of AIOTI members’ contributions dynamically. GitHub Pages are public web pages that are freely hosted on GitHub’s domain or a custom domain name, which are automatically generated by the system when contributors push the source files to the repository.


Recovery Resilient Plans (RRP)

  • Do a plotting on the required components of reforms and investment of the RRP’s in order to build consortia and get financed.
  • Selecting required areas in the following domains: scale-up, power up, reskill and upskill, digital connectivity, public administration, renovation wave, clean, smart and fair urban mobility.
  • Deliverable: proposal(s) to appoint to the Member States of interest to our members on a regional, local level.


Vision Paper: “IoT and Crisis Preparedness”

The main objective of this vision paper is to identify the steps to be followed to develop societal resilience towards short-term and long-term risks. The aim is to showcase the best practices and insights needed to sense, respond, defend and recover within the IoT domain by involving all key stakeholders. The paper will address four different fields of threats: 1. Pandemics and other Health-related threats, 2. Natural Disasters, 3. Cyber-Attacks and 4. Attacks on Public Spaces. This paper will be the outcome of the content and know-how shared and by part created by the formed by the group members related to the HORIZON -CL3-2022-DRS-01-01 call, which reflects this theme.


White Paper: “IoT improving Healthy Urban Lifestyle, Value-Based Healthcare and Mitigating the Risk and Social Impact of Isolation and Loneliness in Urban Societies.”

This report focuses on how IoT can be deployed to foster mental and physical health, thereby putting the weight on disease prevention instead of treatment. Furthermore, cultural and behavioural factors, including the degree of trust in IoT and other technical applications, digital data, governments and the industry itself, are explicitly included in the scope.


AIOTI Signature Event 2022 contribution

Celine Prins, Institute for Future of Living
Ricardo Vitorino, Ubiwhere