Web3 Accelerator

  • AIOTI publications on DLT-IoT-Convergence and the Testbeds catalogue are listing use cases and available business and technical components that formed the basis for implementation of the WEB3 Accelerator.
  • The WEB3 Accelerator intends to help the ecosystem to integrate WEB3 business opportunities and deploy interoperable WEB3 solutions based on insights and components provided by the AIOTI community.
  • The Accelerator activities are organised around Brussels, led by AIOTI staff. The Accelerator is accessible to all public and private organisations and individuals. But for being part of it, AIOTI membership is mandatory.
  • AIOTI workshops will provide WEB3 business insights for Media, Authorities, Industry and Education and prepare context for a Hackathon and September 2023. The outcomes and winners of the hackathon will be presented at the AIOTI Signature event in October.
  • AIOTI registered testbeds will publish practical WEB3 demonstrators for Media, Authorities, Industry and Education. And an updated (DLT-IoT) Convergence paper will be published.
  • Public launches will be stimulated in Q4 2023 and program continuity will be assured to achieve meaningful public and private experimentations during the Belgian EU Presidency in first half of 2024

Planned activities in 2023:


Dec 22 – Jan 23:  Proposal phase – Preparing proposal and internal approval process

Feb – Jun 23:  Preparatory phase – Workshops & preparations

Jul – Sept 23:  Implementation phase – Hackathon & deployments

Oct 23:  AIOTI Signature Event (10 October) – Partnerships & certifications

Nov 23 – Jan 24:  Public launch – Testbeds announcements

Tom De Block, Nearcom
Alfredo Favenza, Fondazione LINKS