AIOTI WG03 Reports on IoT Standards

The “IoT Standardisation” working group (WG03) method was to start from a comprehensive IoT landscape and standardization framework, then to identify common High Level IoT architecture and recommend how to achieve IoT Semantic interoperability. A massive effort conduced in a very short period of time to the production of three main deliverables: IoT Landscape and IoT LSP Standard Framework Concepts, IoT High Level Architecture (HLA) and IoT Semantic interoperability recommendations.

With the two Privacy and Security sub-groups of AIOTI WG03 (publishing Workshop reports and supporting webinars and workshops), AIOTI extended its WG03 activities from 3 (IoT Landscape, High-Level Architecture, IoT Semantic Interoperability) to 5 sub-groups.

In addition to sub-groups deliverables, AIOTI WG03 published Task Force reports (Identifiers in the Internet of Things, High Priority IoT Standardisation Gaps, IoT Relation and Impact on 5G) and refers to reports from EC funded task forces (Specialist Task Forces) supporting AIOTI. STF 505 published IoT Landscape and Gap Analysis ETSI Technical Reports listed by AIOTI WG03.

Since the beginning of 2018, WG03 published 4 new deliverables (please see below for download).

Download IoT LSP Standard Framework Concepts  Release 2.8 2017

Download Report on Workshop on Security & Privacy in IoT, 13 January 2017

Download Report on Workshop on Security and Privacy 2016

Download IoT High Level Architecture Release 2.1

Download Semantic Interoperability for the Web of Things

Download Identifiers in Internet of Things (IoT) Release 1.0 February 2018

Download High Priority IoT Standardisation Gaps and Relevant SDOs Version 1.0 May 2018

Download High Level Architecture (HLA) Release 4.0 June 2018

Download IoT Relation and Impact on 5G Release 1.0 June 2018

AIOTI WG03 SmartM2M; IoT LSP use cases and standards gaps

Download IoT LSP use cases and standards gaps

AIOTI WG03 SmartM2M; IoT Standards landscape and future evolutions

The essential objective of the present document is to analyse the status of the current IoT standardisation; to assess the degree of industry and vertical market fragmentation; and to point towards actions that can increase the effectiveness of IoT standardisation, to improve interoperability, and to allow for the building of IoT ecosystems.

Download IoT Standards landscape and future evolutions