AIOTI WG06 Report on Smart Farming and Food Safety Digital Innovation Hubs: democratising digital technologies in agriculture

The purpose of this document is to provide clarifications and recommendations about the implementation of Agriculture Digital Innovation Hubs (ADIH) in Europe. DIHs are instruments conceived to support businesses, notably SMEs, farmers, agri-cooperatives and non-tech industries, in their digital transformation. DIHs are receiving a strong back from the EC under the Digitising European Industry (DEI) initiative and in particular under the framework of the H2020 2018-2020 programme, which include specific calls for agriculture DIHs such as the DT-RUR-14-2018. ADIHs have the potential to play an important role in the democratisation of IoT and digital technologies in the European agri-food domain, but they will require significant investments from the regions and Member States, and strong coordination efforts to maximise their positive impact.

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AIOTI WG06 Report on Smart Farming and Food Safety Internet of Things Applications

The purpose of this Report is to provide specific recommendations on the implementation of a Large Scale Pilot (LSP) on smart farming and food safety as it is described in the IoT Focus Area call of Horizon 2020 Work Programme for 2016-2017. This LSP is expected to be an important instrument that will foster experimentation, replication and real-world deployment of IoT technologies in the Europe.

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AIOTI WG06 Survey Results on Business models for Digital Innovation Hubs in the agriculture and food domain

The AIOTI Working Group o Smart Farming and Food Security has conducted a survey to get insights about the funding aspects of the activities developed by Digital Innovation Hubs in the agriculture and food domain.

The purpose of the conducted survey is to get more insight on this topic directly from the (potential) beneficiaries and promoters of agri-DIH initiatives in Europe.

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AIOTI WG06 Report on IoT and digital technologies for monitoring of the new CAP

As part of its ongoing move to simplify and modernise the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), the European Commission is adopting new rules that will for the first time expressly allow a range of modern technologies to be used when carrying out checks for area-based CAP payments. This includes the possibility to completely replace physical checks on farms with a system of automated checks based on analysis of satellite-based data in combination with Internet of Things (IoT) and other digital technologies.

The present paper addresses this topic from the perspective of technical feasibility. An overview of the most relevant experiences, recently finished or ongoing, is provided, as a good basis on which further implementations in Europe can be built. Key considerations and recommendations for the future are finally presented.

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