AIOTI WG Mobility Report on “Smart Mobility”

AIOTI WG Mobility has prepared a report on smart mobility. The report defines the scope and focus of the WG and in particular considers applications of the Internet of Things to the mobility domain (Internet of Vehicles) as next step for future smart transportation and mobility applications with short-termed European wide economic potential and applicability.”

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Electromobility Task Force

AIOTI has launched on 25 November 2020 the Electromobility Task Force. The objectives of the task force are:

  • distributed marketplace for trading and executing electro-mobility IT services based on Blockchain/Hyperledger technology
  • common information model to unify the business objects for all electro-mobility services and thus foster service inter-operability
  • development environment for creating e-mobility services employing semantic search techniques for finding suitable services
  • reference network of 8 NeMo nodes where business partners can develop, trade and execute their e-mobility services
  • collection of 25+ e-mobility services published to the NeMo Marketplace
  • technical foundation for a Business Alliance for Electro-Mobility


For more information please contact AIOTI by sending an email.