Nimbus Annual Technology Conference

Cork Institute of Technology - Nimbus is having their annual technology conference on the 25th Jan 2021. Key features: Topics – IoT the full end to end stack, TechEthics, AI, Start-ups, funding, med-tech, energy industry 4.0 and much more. 40 speakers from all over the world – Silicon Valley / Harvard / MIT / Tralee […]

SCoDIHNet Replicability Webinar

How DIHs could take advantage of the Large Scale Projects results to replicate use cases and solutions at local level ? Provisional Agenda: 10h00-10h15 : Introduction (Alena Siarheyeva – AIOTI WG2 Chair / CEO NuMint) 10h15-10h30: Presentation of the AIOTI replicability concept (Agata Tringale - Links Foundation) 10h30-10h45: Presentation of one IoT LSP case (Sergio […]

IoT Tribe Space Tech Game

IoT Tribe Space Tech Games looking  at new space-tech enabled solutions from supply-chain to urban planning, 9 February, 10.00h - 12.30h CET

The Digital Services Act: How to address product compliance online?

The proposed Digital Services Act published by the European Commission on 15 December is a unique opportunity to upgrade our European rules and make them fit for today’s market reality. LightingEurope hosts an online panel discussion, one of the first opportunities for a public exchange of views on the proposed text and whether it closes […]

IoT and Edge: Instruments, Priorities and Partnerships

How can we make the most out of European investments in research, innovation and deployment in relation to #IoT and #Edgecomputing? Which instruments for #collaboration would create most value? Which barriers are the most critical? And most importantly, who are the relevant European key players that can drive the seismic shift from #Cloud to #faredge and what is the role of #SMEs? Register for the […]