Symposium on Interoperability

Start Date

January 28, 2019

End Date

January 31, 2019


Session starts at 2pm


Vienna, Austria

Great news! Natalie Samovich, Working Group member of AIOTI, will be speaking on the 30 January 2019, at the SET plan Symposium on practical views on interoperability at 14h CET, in Vienna.


Starting at 14h CET

Session on practical views to interoperability

Experience and find out what IES is all about

  • What is a Connectathon?, Stefan Sauermann, Key Researcher Interoperability and Standards
  • VHPready at Connectathon Energy: reasons and targets, Klaus Dieter Walter, VHPready
  • Impact on Architectures, Business models and roles of Actors, Natalie Samovich Enercoutim/ AIOTI
  • Visit the Connectathon Test Floor

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