Webinar “Why commercially viable cross-domain use cases will drive IoT-enabled smart cities”

Start Date

May 24, 2018

End Date

May 24, 2018


10:30-11:30h CEST


GoTo webinar: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/1622008739718847490

Speakers: Keith Dickerson, AIOTI WG8 Editor and Climate Associates, Martin Brynskov, chair OASC, Omar Elloumi, AIOTI Chair of WG8 on Smart Cities and Nokia

Description: Commercially viable cross-domain use cases will be essential to the sustainable development of IoT-enabled smart cities. The journey towards achieving the vision of fully integrated smart cities will be incremental. We are reaching a point where commercially viable and/or economically sustainable cross-domain and cross-application use cases are emerging and entering the mainstream. These use cases will continue to gain in commercial viability and sustainability if they are designed with a horizontal approach in mind. They will help us to achieve integration at all layers, which will be key to master the total cost of ownership. This webinar will in particular address:

  • Assessment of the progress made and lessons learned from ongoing deployments and pilots
  • Case studies of most commercially viable or economically sustainable cross-application use cases
  • Next steps and link to ongoing pilots and association activities

Smart cities will profit from replication and experience sharing, a call to action will be issued to provide feedback and support the ongoing developments in relevant association initiatives.

Sponsors: AIOTI (Alliance of the Internet of Things Innovations) and OASC (Open and Agile Smart Cities)

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