More about AIOTI

The Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation was initiated as a result of the European and global IoT technology and market developments. AIOTI aims to create and master sustainable innovative European IoT ecosystems in the global context to address the challenges of IoT technology and applications deployment including standardisation, interoperability and policy issues, in order to accelerate sustainable economic development and growth in the new emerging European and global digital markets.

The IoT European Research Cluster – European Research Cluster on the Internet of Things (IERC) played a major role in the preparation of the Alliance. The work started in 2014 followed by a high-level meeting on 4th February 2015 in Brussels in order to explore the creation of the Alliance for IoT Innovation.

The meeting targeted CEO/CTO level representatives from the whole value chain of IoT (nanoelectronics/semiconductor companies, Telecom companies, Network operators, Platform Providers (IoT/Cloud), Security, Service providers, representatives from different sectors: energy, utilities, automotive, mobility, lighting, buildings, manufacturing, healthcare, supply chains, cities etc.).

The AIOTI initiative was built upon the Momentum Declaration adopted at the High Level Meeting on 04th of February 2015, which states:

  • Europe will have the most dynamic, agile IoT ecosystem and industry in the world, which transforms people’s lives, drives growth, creates employment and addresses societal challenges.
  • Today we agree, in partnership with the European Commission, that collaborative and innovation driven activities are necessary in order to drive a successful take-up of the Internet of Things.
  • By understanding the potential of connected things, their intelligence and smart data, we all support the creation of an IoT ecosystem, which supports openness, value creation, scalability, sustainability and co-existence.
  • Core principles are to cooperate and share knowledge with existing and new partners of all sizes along value chains, to adopt agile approaches and to search flexible agreements for convergence, interoperability and standardisation.
  • Through common reference models and IoT Large Scale Pilot activities, we aim to bring IoT forward and to stimulate service creation, acceptance and take-up from the user and creator perspectives.

Günther H. Oettinger, European Commissioner for the Digital Economy officially launched the Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation on 25th of March 2015 in Brussels along with industrial partner members of the Alliance. The Alliance brings together different industries, sectors and some of Europe’s largest technology and digital companies.

The Commissioner highlighted that: “Europe has today a unique opportunity to use the Internet of Things, invigorate its industry, deal with its ageing population, and transform its cities into bustling innovation hubs. Europe can become a leader in this field, and European players can emerge as winners in the Internet of Things industrial revolution. I am committed to support this process and tackle remaining obstacles in the Digital Single Market. The Internet of Things must be a key element of the Digital Single Market”.

The overall goal of the establishment of the AIOTI is the creation of a dynamic European IoT ecosystem to unleash the potentials of the IoT. This also offers an opportunity to discuss policy obstacles to further IoT take up, and to forge consensus. To date, the AIOTI has focused on making general policy recommendations in relation to topics such as Privacy and Security. The AIOTI should facilitate adoption of such policy recommendation across its members and ensure that it is seen as natural stakeholder for global policymakers who wish to seek industry opinion on the future IoT policy landscape.

At 11th of November 2016 the AIOTI General Assembly the members celebrated the transformation of the Alliance on 22 September 2016 into a non-profit Industrial Association legal entity based in Brussels.

Today the Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation has succeeded developing the most dynamic European Internet of Things ecosystem and becoming a global influencer on IoT technology.