AIOTI Governance

The General Assembly (GA)

We have more than 180 members, and every member is part of at least one Working Group, with one vote per group. We hold one physical General Assembly meeting per year.


Management Board (MB)

There are three key members: Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. Their activities include driving the Alliance, marketing, communications, and connecting the different Working Groups. Members of the Management Board are nominated by at least ten members of the AIOTI and elected by the General Assembly.

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Steering Board (SB)

Steering Group members are the Working Group Chairs. They are assigned for a period of 2 years, to a maximum of 6 (3 periods). The European Commission is a special member. The Steering Group keeps relations with external relevant entities not represented in the AIOTI (PPP’s, associations, stakeholder groups, VC communities).

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Working Groups (WG)

There are thirteen Working Groups (four horizontal and nine vertical groups) with a Chair and Co-chair, nominated and elected by that Working Group’s members. Every Working Group elects one representative for the Steering Group.

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AIOTI has an office led by the Secretary General. The Office is supporting Management Board and Steering Board opertions, as well as supporting Management Board in performing financial and operational support, organisation of events of the Association and General Assembly Meetings, membership registration and administration and assist the Chair, the Secretary and the Treasurer in their tasks. The Office may further perform other tasks that do not require decision taking at Management Board level. Damir Filipovic is Secretary General of AIOTI.

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