Group Testbeds
  • Promote the advantages of using IoT and edge computing in various vertical domains using test beds
  • Facilitate to AIOTI members to find testbeds where to test/validate new developments for specific use cases
  • Create network of federated AIOTI testbeds
  • Cloud -edge computing continuum: show the advantages of Cloud -edge computing continuum in various IoT vertical scenarios using testbeds
  • DLTs in IoT and edge computing: show the use and advantages of DLTs in various IoT vertical scenarios using testbeds
  • Deterministic networking In IoT and edge computing: show the advantages of Deterministic networking in various IoT vertical scenarios using testbeds
  • Certification of AIOTI testbed options and applied AIOTI testbed strategies: Certification activities can also be created to support for example:
  • IoT interoperability, Security, Use-case requirement accreditation
  • AI governance – linked to security, and also appropriate / safe delegation of responsibility to autonomous operation. Note, this is even more concern where decision making is distributed to the edge
  • AIOTI Test cases catalogues and test objectives
  • Testbeds can consist of horizontal technology aspects and / or vertical application scenarios / markets: e.g. IoT interoperability (between cloud platforms, connectivity providers, industry applications), IoT security (end to end, data privacy, etc.) and interaction with the end-user (mini apps, web apps, etc.).
  • Testbeds can also be developed to showcase specific working solutions, such as coming from other groups




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Rute Sofia