Group Buildings
Vision To become the undisputable place for addressing buildings issues with the key stakeholders represented
Scope The group covers all types of buildings, residential and non-residential, as well as existing buildings and newly constructed buildings. The purpose is to work on the application of IoT solutions and understand how they can benefit the various stakeholders, the occupants being top priority
  • Gather current innovation requirements from: BMS vendors, real estate developers, real estate operators / landlords, occupants; by designing and deploying a standard survey which will be distributed by workgroup members; publish the results
  • Investigate the link between the building and the Grid through collaboration with Energy Group and organize workshops with the key stakeholders
  • Identify current regulatory initiatives; collect and publish AIOTI’s opinion for each
  • Interact with Standardisation and Policy Groups for addressing data issues (privacy, ownership, protection…)
  • Profile cutting edge, innovative products from among the members (trough member’s case studies)
  • Describe how IoT can be introduced by enhancing existing BMS
  • Describe how to enable interaction across the different functions within the building (lighting, HVAC, shades, access control)
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Erik van Wijk




Lizhen Huang

Norway University of Science and Technology