Group Health
Vision To build a dynamic pole for knowledge sharing in the domain while acting as a bridge between  initiatives that bring added value to healthy living

IoT Week Annual Conference 2021

  • Co-organise “IoT for health, wellbeing and active ageing” track sessions
  • Previous year the organization of the track was in charge of ACTIVAGE LSP and AIOTI WG Health. In 2021 we propose the same approach
  • Promote the participation of AIOTI members (companies) and if it is possible in the exhibition booth


Edge Computing use cases in Health Care IoT and Active Ageing IoT

  • A total reference document
  • Contributions will be open for all members of the WG5 and external projects implementing EC
  • Analysis will cover, but not limited to, Edge Computing architectures, cyber security at the edge, standardisation, embedded AI and data processing, gaps and needed research, best practices and KPIs. Impact of COVID-19 on the appropriateness and demand of EC solutions. More topics will be considered
  • The first idea is to present a position paper by the date of the Signature Event 2021


Working group on European Data Spaces on Healthcare

  • A comprehensive analysis of current European Health Data Space (EHDS) strategy and implementation
  • Set Discussion on current pilot models of implementations. With the collaboration of EU projects
  • Produce a document of description and discussion of existent initiatives of implementation under the EHDS
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Cristiano Paggetti




Roumen Nikolov