Group Innovation Ecosystems
Vision To benefit European organisations from innovating with IoT and smart networks and services in collaborative, decentralized ecosystems, through knowledge building and sharing, community organizing and ensuring outreach

Knowledge building and sharing

  • Digital transformation of organisations’ innovation ecosystems, business impact of emerging IoT technologies and other societal transitions
  • Data-agile economy and responsible data use, governance and trust rules for data sharing, security vs highly interoperable data sharing between sectors trade off
  • IoT enabling energy transition and the circular economy, IoT in Green Deal
  • Replicability of LSPs and research project results
  • Sovereignty by design and development (data, electronics manufactured in Europe)
  • Edge computing and cross-sectoral innovation


Community organizing

  • Organizing AIOTI events and cross-WG collaboration around strategic topics
  • Promoting participation of AIOTI members in Horizon Europe calls and SNS partnership calls
  • Connecting AIOTI members with large scale pilots and test sites, promote lessons learnt within and across IoT domains



  • Orchestrating the network of IoT Digital Innovation Hubs – SCoDIHNet
  • Contributing to major IoT-related events (IoT week, others)
  • Publishing and reaching out policy-makers and industry groups on key IoT innovation topics (innovation instruments, innovation in mission-oriented programmes, ecosystem building, data economy, circular economy)

Develop a method for IoT ecosystem transformation

  • Develop and publish a new method for orchestrating digital transformation for (IoT-platform-based) collaborating organizations, encompassing human-centered design approaches and new business models of multi-stakeholder value creation
  • Stimulate experimentations and events with end-users to enable innovations informed by societal needs (open innovation)
  • Link the AIOTI community with the IoT DIH Network (information and networking activities)
  • Publishing on innovation instruments, innovation support tools and ecosystem building in mission-oriented programmes


Support the European cross-sectoral data economy

  • Devise a novel IoT-ecosystem-based approach (including governance, trust, security and agile-data rules) for free data flows and responsible data use to contribute to a European responsible data economy, preventing ‘winner takes all’ market failures
  • Encourage participation of SMEs in large scale pilots to test and validate interoperability and data-driven business models
  • Develop and promote our approach in relevant events; contribute to EU-led regulation for data economy and data spaces


Promote IoT as enabler of the circular economy

  • In line with the EU’s Green New Deal, develop a vision of IoT as enabler of economic opportunities through transparency in closing material and energy loops
  • Organize AIOTI cross-WG collaboration to collect use cases and underlying principles for IoT to take advantage of the circular economy
  • Partner with leading climate and environmental organizations and events. Link our IoT-Circular Economy vision to EU, regional and national governments’ sustainability programmes


Influence policy to boost Europe’s IoT and smart networks and services

  • Gather empirical evidence of best practices and impact of smart networks to IoT businesses, to develop clear lessons for achieving globally-competitive smart networks and services
  • Promote collaborative innovation between IoT and smart network communities through joint events and editorial activities
  • Connect to, contribute to, and guide EU policy on smart networks and services, incorporating the working group’s knowledge of collaborative innovation, lessons learned and pitfalls to avoid when setting the rules of the game for digital innovation
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