Group Urban Society
Vision To serve as a focal point for collecting stakeholder requirements for IoT enabled Smart Cities, actively engage with existing standards groups, be IoT enabled smart city vision and think tank

The focus will mainly be on Urban Societies and its Communities, but of course rural areas will be included. Urban Society is cross cutting by integrating and touching all domains, not only the horizontals but also the vertical domains are intertwined with Urban Society. Aligned with the vision of the European Commission, the main objective is to implement a human-centric approach in which societal challenges are the drivers pushing forward smart solution, an approach different than the conversant technical-centric vision. The main objective is to increase the drivers of success, to gain more solid footing, to overcome big blockades and last but not least to do the right thing for our ecosystem of people, society, ecology and economy.

We will do so by linking to related digital areas like public services, digital privacy, cybersecurity and healthy living focusing on the three main pillars of the European Commission: more green, more digital and more resilient. While in the midst of the pandemic, today and tomorrow, now more than ever, we need to think how to rebuilt and reboot our cities and communities

  • Facilitate consortia building/networking across fields in industry, public domain, innovation and research
  • Presenting calls, funding opportunities and access to finance (not only R&I, but broader, RRF, InvestEU, EIC) and any other accelerator program of interest to the group.
  • Stir the work of the WG group by defining our objectives short-, mid- and long-term and by helping implementing them
  • Exploring the power and knowledge of AIOTI members to transform cities and communities by making them smarter, safer and easier to manage
  • Exchange ideas about how to rebuild a post-Covid-19 Europe
  • Do a plotting on the required components of reforms and investment of the RRF in order to build consortia and getting financed
  • Selecting required areas in the following domains: scale up, power up, reskill and upskill, digital connectivity, public administration, renovation wave, clean, smart and fair urban mobility
  • Security, Privacy and Trust for Smart Circular Economy
  • Experiences and lessons learnt from real-life case studies and deployments.
  • Applications of Smart Circular Economy technologies in verticals such as healthcare, transportation, energy, citizen safety, and other.
  • Smart Infrastructure – Smart Grid, Utility Networks (water, gas, waste, etc.), Transport Networks and other.
  • Technology enablers for Circular Economy – Internet of Things, 5G, IoT/IIoT Edge Computing, Software Defined Networks, Big Data, Analytics, Machine Learning and other
  • Liaising with AIOTI Security in IoT and Privacy in IoT taskforces for addressing data issues (privacy, cybersecurity, ownership, etc.) and other domains
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Celine Prins

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Ricardo Vitorino