AIOTI is organising annual event that builds upon five successful editions of AIOTI Signature gatherings. AIOTI Days 2024 will feature the Thematic and Project sessions, Hackathon and the Scientific Conference GIECS, guaranteeing a rich and comprehensive experience for all participants.

At the core of AIOTI Days 2024 is the exploration of how the continuum and digital twins meet virtual worlds in the industrial space, creating a physical-digital virtual continuum.

Continuum, digital twins and virtual worlds

The concept of the computing continuum refers to a paradigm where computing resources and services seamlessly span a range of devices, from IoT and edge devices and sensors to centralized cloud infrastructure. It envisions a unified and integrated ecosystem where data processing and computation occur across a spectrum of devices, enabling a more efficient and responsive computing environment and digital twin implementation.


The computing continuum is driven by the increasing volume of data generated by IoT and at the edge, the need for real-time processing in certain applications, and the desire to optimize resource usage. As technology evolves, the computing continuum is expected to play a crucial role in shaping the future of computing architectures, IoT and Edge Computing are at the forefront of these developments.


Virtual worlds enable remote operation and monitoring of industrial processes. With the integration of sensors and IoT devices, operators can oversee and control equipment from remote locations, enhancing efficiency and reducing the need for physical presence on-site.


Overall, virtual worlds play a crucial role in improving efficiency, safety, and innovation in the industrial domain by providing realistic simulations, supporting design processes, and enabling better collaboration and decision-making.

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Featuring Key Themes: 

This theme covers topics of future looking EU policies in digital and tech domains as well as standardisation gaps, in particular related to areas of citiverse and digital twins, dataspaces, continuum.
AIOTI Days 2024

Session 1

Shaping the EU’s next strategic tech agenda
AIOTI Days 2024

Session 2

Standardisation: gaps, citiverse and digital twins, data spaces, continuum
This theme discusses how IoT and edge computing can play a central role in addressing the climate and environmental challenges that we face, both by the deployment of IoT and Edge computing technology to support other industrial sectors in reducing their emissions and environmental footprint (ICT for Green), as well as by addressing the ICT sector's climate and environmental footprint (Green ICT scenarios).
AIOTI Days 2024

Session 1

Methodologies and Standards for CO2 reduction measurements
AIOTI Days 2024

Session 2

Use cases to apply the methodologies for CO2 reduction measurements

Session 1

Edge driven AI and infrastructures
AIOTI Days 2024

Session 2

Building solutions for the edge of the future - advancing from use cases to business cases
AIOTI Days 2024

Session 3

From Market places to Data Spaces

Session 1

Metaverse in health care domain: opportunities and challenges
AIOTI Days 2024

Session 2

Virtual World of Energy - Digital Twins as building blocks
AIOTI Days 2024

Session 3

Intelligent Edge IoT Immersive Technologies and Applications - Convergence of Physical, Digital, Virtual and Spatial Worlds


2 days

Brainstorming and ideation hackathon
to deploy WEB3 in the Internet of Things

Participants will be guided by experts to understand WEB3 components and implement the emerging technology in their IoT stack.


Use WEB3 in Manufacturing

Use WEB3 in Agriculture

WEB3 Digital for Climate

Convergence / Wild card


Dieter Wegener


Gerrit Steinfort


Georgios Karagiannis


Ovidiu Vermesan


Natalie Samovich


Antonio Kung


Pietro Dionisio


Juergen Sturm

Texas Instruments

Mirko Presser

Aarhus University

Srdjan Krco


Antonio Skarmeta

University of Murcia

Tom de Block


Co-located event


GIECS 2024
, alongside AIOTI Days 2024, is a scientific conference where researchers, practitioners, and stakeholders share cutting-edge contributions, exchanging valuable knowledge to shape the future of digital transformation.

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