Welcome to Smart Connectivity Digital Innovation Hub Network (SCoDIHNet).

The ScODIHNet initiative is contributing to the European Industry Digitalisation helping companies to improve their processes, products and services through the use of connectivity technologies.

The SCoDIHNet initiative is co-supported by AIOTI (www.aioti.eu) and the 6G IA (www.6g-ia.eu) and is supporting Digital Innovation Hubs that are providing services on 5G/6G, IoT, Cybersecurity and artificial intelligence.

5G/6G, IoT are key technologies to develop digitalization of the European industry together with AI and cybersecurity in order to ensure flexibility, adaptability and end-to-end security.

SCoDIHNet initiative encompasses 78 members from 24 European countries.


The SCoDIHNet initiative is a network of DIH, with the objective to  to support DIHs. The DIH belonging to the SCoDIHNet are providing support to the industry from a number of verticals in order to develop digital services which need smart connectivity technologies. Experiments in these vertical domains are expected at DIH level.

Catalogue of services

The SCoDIHNet is providing training courses to the DIH (train the trainers) on specific technical subjects on 5G, IoT.

This service will propose an online catalog with contacts in order to help DIH staff to train to specific 5G or IoT technologies.

This service will also propose to organise online training sessions on specific topics that have an interest for DIH staff but also for DIH “customers”. Webinars could also be organised on demand.

The SCoDIHNet initiative is a network of DIH, it does not run experiments but offer a number of services that helps DIH in their day to day operation. A paper published in July 2020 is presenting these 18 services classified in 4 domains:



How Digital Innovation Hubs could take advantage of the Large Scale Projects results to replicate use cases and solutions at the local level, webinar, 28.01.2021.


Pierre-Yves Danet – Replicability Initiative Action Plan

Pierre-Yves Danet – SCoDIHNet

Agata Tringale (Fondazione LINKS)

Stefano Nunziata (Lepida)

Carmen Polcaro (Innovalia)

Pal Gronsund (Telenor)


List of DIHs in network

The list of all DIH in SCoDIHNet could be found here.

SCoDIHNet Platform Catalogue

SCoDIHNet Platform Catalogue

Verticals mapping

The DIHs in SCoDIHNet are mapped to various verticals. The summary is provided below, and the full list could be found here.

SCoDIHNet Heatmap

SCoDIHNet Heatmap