08:00 Registration
09:00 Welcome

Prof. dr. Manfred Hauswirth, Executive Director, Fraunhofer FOKUS Jürgen Sturm, Chairman of the AIOTI Management Board

09:30 Keynote address

Khalil Rouhana, deputy Director General, European Commission, DG Connect

10:30 Break and networking
11:00 Corporate sponsor presentation
11:30 Session 1: Data sovereignty and the role of IoT

This session includes a panel discussion focused on:

Technology: how IoT applications and use cases will be affected by data sovereignty developments; addressing the scalability, replicability and interoperability of IoT applications; and how IoT can support data sovereignty and privacy e.g. the IoT-enabled data marketplaces, data lakes etc.

Governance: for platforms facilitating sharing services; use cases and domain examples; will data sovereignty developments like GAIA-X project and IDS require modifications in EU governance, rules and regulations, and what are the differences with US and Chinese solutions?

Standards: can existing IoT standards accommodate the data sovereignty developments or are modifications needed in areas such as of data ontologies and platform interoperability, especially considering developments such as GAIA-X as a federated and open data infrastructure platform?

12:30 Lunch
14:30 Session 2: Beyond 5G and application in cross-vertical industry domains

The session includes a panel discussion focused on:

Technology: how will converging tech including 5G, IoT/IIoT, AI, robotics, automation and cloud support vertical and cross-vertical applications?

Research: how research in the context of the Horizon Europe SNS (Smart Networks and Service) partnership and Horizon Europe programme contribute to this technology convergence.

Governance: does this converged world require changes in EU governance, rules and regulations?

Standards: can existing IoT standards accommodate using these converged approaches in vertical and cross-vertical applications?

15:30 Break and networking
16:00 Presentation of IoT DIH Network, Pierre-Yves Danet, Orange
16:30 Session 3: IoT research priorities in Horizon Europe, sustainability, climate change

This session covers European autonomy in IoT-related technology sectors, research priorities, new EU partnership, European Commission vision, and a Q&A.

The discussion will explore areas including:

  • Policies and priorities.
  • How IoT technologies can contribute.
  • What can and should be done to:
  • Help secure Europe’s digital sovereignty.
  • Boost research and innovation.
  • Retain Europe’s global leadership in next generation intelligent connectivity.
  • Achieve the United Nations SDGs.
17:30 Wrap up and announcing the AIOTI Signature Event 2021
18:00 Cocktails and dinner until 20:00


Alban Schmutz

Chairman CISPE

Peter Stuckman

Head of Unit Future Connectivity Systems, European Commission, DG Connect

Dr.-Ing. Alexander Willner

Director Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Center, Fraunhofer FOKUS

Friedrich Gröteke

Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy

Nikolaos Isaris

European Commission, DG Connect, IoT Unit

Colin Wilcock

5G IA Chairman

Dušan Chrenek

Principal Advisor, European Commission, DG Climate Action

Alexander Bentkus


Werner Mohr

5G IA & NetWorld2020