Facilitating secure Smart Manufacturing Industry. Smart Manufacturing Industry is based on successful collaboration of OT & IT, implementation of Industrial IoT (IIoT) technologies and new active stakeholders

Define the value of using IoT and edge computing in supporting Manufacturing sectors to reach goal on 2021-2027 challenges.

Survey of competencies and capabilities of the group members and partners


Define methodology to applying IoT and edge computing on processes for sustainable manufacturing

  • Defining main factories elements to have a common picture and a common glossary
  • Identify use-cases and pilots available on Manufacturing WG Members useful for storytelling
  • Defining KPIs to measure the impact of IoT on factories sustainability?


Promote advantages on using IoT and edge computing on manufacturing (in new plants and revamping phase of existing)

  • Identifying HE calls (working progress)
  • Write White papers (working progress)
  • Identifying Shows and Conferences


Identify Manufacturing stakeholders

  • Manufacturing country-based Associations
  • IoT country based association
  • European manufacturing associations
Alessandro Liani, Video Systems
Michail Beliatis, Aarhus University