Mobility and Logistics

IoT provides a standardized architecture and solutions to seamlessly access and use a wide range of sensors and connected device. IoT is a suitable type of architecture and reference model for intelligent digital infrastructure, to support all kind of Mobility services. IoT manages digital twins, being virtual entities of Mobility actors, including users, vehicle, traffic systems or sensors, bridging the gap between V2X and Internet business and operational models. Standardisation of the IoT architectures address the needs for User and object data management according to data privacy and cyber-security requirements combined with constraints relating to geolocation and dynamic maps. This session intends to explain the IoT benefits through use cases presented by Digital infrastructure, Automotive and research experts.


The strategy of the Mobility WG is to address all the objective related to Mobility: Safety, on demand, traffic efficiency, user experience, Impact, Innovation. These objectives can be either reached or supported with IoT and edge computing Innovations.


The key message Is that top level EU objectives for the Green Deal and EU digital transformation will need a common vision and supporting framework to utilize a wide range of data sources to deliver new service and application for the next generation Mobility.

Ensure the most efficient participation of AIOTI Members in the EU funded actions leading as well to have a high visibility of AIOTI towards the European institutions and the Mobility Stakeholders, by creating or joining consortia and developing proposals, relying on AIOTI Members views, expertise and assets

  • Develop a Car2Smartphone vision and related framework to ensure seamless deployment of x-domain (Car and smartphone domains) services and applications, looking at providing top opportunities to SMEs and start-ups with the support of IT Infrastructure provided by AIOTI Members, Address non HMI equipped vehicle, bikes, VRUs … and use of wearable – Liaise with ITU FG-Vehicular Multimedia for pushing a global IoT vision In Car multimedia
  • Monitor EU developments on data strategy expected to impact significantly business models in the domain of Mobility – participate in GAIA-X mobility vertical activities as AIOTI Member
  • Support the quick development of the Electro-Mobility task force with the uptake of an EU neutral trusted platform for electrical vehicle charging In EU
  • Increase participation of Automotive and Mobility service stakeholders
  • Carry out marketplace activities to strengthen Member collaboration aiming at Increasing business value of the Membership
  • Support AIOTI Memberships with external partnerships by sustaining AIOTI visions with the Mobility areas, I.e. SNS partnership and GAIA-X
  • Support AIOTI SRIA with Mobility vision
  • Consider EU CCAM participation or cooperation
Francois Fischer, FSCOM
Omar Veledar, AVL List
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