IoT and Edge computing are essential for enabling Connected and Automated Smart Mobility for persons and goods, with the goals to support EU Green Deal objectives and bring EU automotive to a new dimension for the comfort and Safety of EU citizen

Address all the objective related to Mobility:

  • Safety
  • On demand, traffic efficiency
  • User experience
  • Impact
  • Innovation.

These objectives can be either reached or supported with IoT and edge computing Innovations. and application for the next generation Mobility.

Horizon Europe projects

  • Create consortia, develop proposals and support matchmaking – support AIOTI visibility in EU in the Research WP and raise level of participation of AIOTI Member


Develop vision and requirements for key Mobility topics with obvious IoT relevance

  • Develop a Car2Smartphone vision and related framework for deployment x-domain (Car and smartphone) services and applications
  • Liaise with ITU FG-Vehicular Multimedia for pushing a global IoT vision In Car multimedia
  • Spatial Web
  • Electro-mobility


Policy & regulation

  • Monitor EU developments on CS and data strategy expected to impact significantly business models in the domain of Mobility


Practical use case definition and deployment

  • during/post project
  • scale up local use cases


Participate in events for showing AIOTI views and achievements


EU CCAM and 2ZERO partnerships

  • Consider EU CCAM or 2ZERO participation or cooperation
Francois Fischer, FSCOM
Omar Veledar, Beevadoo