Please join us in welcoming new AIOTI members:

Isiksoy Tekstil

At the end of May, AIOTI has 158 members.


Nominations Received for the AIOTI Management Board
Each two years AIOTI is electing its leadership. Six nominations were received for five places available within given deadline:

  1. Klaus Beetz (Siemens), current Board member
  2. Raph Crouan, current Board member
  3. Irene Lopez de Vallejo (DEX Europe)
  4. Bo Sejer Frandsen (European Digital SME Alliance)
  5. Juergen Sturm (Texas Instruments)
  6. Tanya Suarez (BlueSpecs Innovation), current Board member
  7. Tolga Yurulmaz (Isiksoy Tekstil)

The electronic vote is open until 14 June and the results will be announced during the General Assembly on 21 June in Aarhus, Denmark. You can vote here. For more information please ask the Secretary General at sg@aioti.eu.


Workshop Report and Presentations – European Industry Partnerships Collaborative Event, 17 April 2019

Many of the AIOTI Steering Board members and Secretary-General participated at the European Industry Partnerships Collaborative Event on 17 April 2019, that was organised with CreateIoT Large Scale Pilot.
The workshop report can be found here and the list of participants here.
The presentations and the SRIAs links are uploaded on the web:


On May 14, Natalie Samovich, WG Smart Eenrgy Chair, presented at INNOGRID2020event,  Connecting physics and digits: Power Platforms on the rise Power Platforms on the Rise What are the emerging power platforms? Presentation of some examples from ENTSO-E and E.DSO on emerging platforms and cooperation on platforms.

On 21 May, Natalie Samovich, WG Smart Energy Chair presented at Blockchain workshop, held  within POWER SUMMIT 2019 of EURELECTRIC “New Leadership”. The discussion was a follow up on AIOTI work on Open Energy Marketplaces.

Olivier Horbowy, WG Smart Living Environment for Ageing Well participated at the panel What can we learn from our neighbours at the Neighbourhood of the future conference in London in May, related to Ageing Challenges, presenting the recommendations from the report on IoT in Smart living environments.
AIOTI Events

AIOTI General Assembly, 21 June 2019, Aarhus, Denmark

This year we will again collocate the General Assembly with IoT week in Aarhus, Denmark. The General Assembly will be held on Friday, 21 June in Aarhus, ARoS Art Museum.

Cybersecurity in Digital Water Infrastructure, 28 May 2019, Barcelona, Spain

AIOTI Signature Event, 8 October 2019, Brussels, Belgium Register here

Other events
13th ITS European Congress, 3-6 June 2019, Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Event details.Workshop on Open Data Access to Mobility Data, 5 June 2019, Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

Africa Energy Forum, 11-14 June 2019, Lisbon, Portugal. Event details
The Future Internet Conference 6 June 2019, Brussels, Belgium. Natalie Samovich, WG Smart Energy Chair will be among the panelists. Event details
ETSI Security Week, 17-21 June 2019, Sophia Antipolis, France
Event details
Connected Health Summer School, 24-26 June 2019, Florence, Italy
Event detailsWG Smart Living Environment chair Olivier Horbowy and co-chair Sergio Guillen will present recommendations from the report on IoT in Smart living environments.

EuroDIG 2019, 19-20 June 2019, The Hague, Netherland.
Event detailsAt the event, which is the annual European Dialogue on Internet Governance, and with high level representation of the Commission, IoT Security is on the agenda on 18 June where the Chair of WG4 (Policy) will be paneling as well, and Accountability in the Digital Age is on the agenda on 19 June (https://eurodigwiki.org/wiki/Flash_05_2019).

ICTurkey2019 International Brokerage Event
5 July 2019, İstanbul, Turkey
TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) is organizing .
The event will cover the 5 challenges on the theme of Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) and and Cross-cutting themes of H2020, namely 5G, Next Generation Internet, Big Data and Applications, Digitising European Industry,Smart Health and Care.
AIOTI Secretary General will represent AIOTI at the Next Generation Internet panel discussion, presenting AIOTI.
ISD2019, August 28-30 2019, Toulon, France. Event details
On August 28-29 at ISEN Yncréa – Toulon, France, co-collocated with 8th International Conference on Information Systems Development (ISD2019).WG06 Smart Cities and WG02 Innovation Ecosystems run the Industry track Soft City: Design of future city services exploiting data marketplaces. Starting from urban everyday life.
Impact of the IoT, 24 October 2019, Bucharest, Romania. Event details

The 2019 edition of the ETSI IoT Week, 21-25 October 2019, Sophia Antipolos, France. Event details

IoT Week 2019
17-21 June 2019, Aarhus, Denmark
Event detailsSpecial Registration Fee for AIOTI members
Regarding the AIOTI members who want to attend the IoT Week, they will benefit from a discount when they register via the link above and enter the following Promotional Code: AIOTImember2019!
If they register by 8th March, the Reduced Fees for the full IoT Week will be 715 € instead of 894 € with Gala Dinner and 595 € instead of 744 € without Gala Dinner.
All prices are including 25% Danish VAT.

WG12 Smart Energy and WG02 Innovation Ecosystems are running 2 sessions Nuances of Marketplaces on June 20 at IoT week:

from 9 AM to 10h45 AM: Energy, Mobility, Smart Cities and Beyond. Multimodality of Communities: Social and Economic Impact of IoT Marketplaces

from 11:15 AM to 12:30 PM: Marketplaces 2030: Perspectives and Challenges. Multimodality of communities: Smartness readiness indicators for critical cross domain infrastructures

European Conference on Ambient Intelligence, 13-15 November, Rome. Event details

AIOTI WG06 Report on IoT and digital technologies for monitoring of the new CAP

Approved procedure for evaluating EU funded projects
Steering Board has approved on its session held on 3 May the internal procedure relate to the evaluation of the AIOTI’s participation in EU funded projects. The procedure could be found here.

Standardizing the Internet of Things: ETSI and AIOTI, article by Patrick Guillemin, chair of WG03 IoT Standardisation

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