AIOTI Signature Event IoT/IIoT and Edge Computing convergence: how to move towards European solutions


AIOTI successfully held its second virtual Signature event on 30 November. More than 200 participants followed six different panels with renowned representatives from policy and business domain.Keynote speaker Amarylis Verhoeven from the European Commission DG GROW was introducing EU initiatives in the area of digital transformation and link to IoT and Edge Computing, how they can contribute to achieve the overall European objectives.


First panel was introducing AIOTI contribution to research and innovation in Horizon Europe, through links and collaboration with other partnerships (Smart Networks and Services, HPC, Big data/AI, Transcontinuum Initiative as well as work within Gaia-X). Presenters from AIOTI (O. Vermesan as giving introduction and N.Samovich as moderator) as well as from our partners PY Danet (6G IA), Pierre Gronlier (Gaia-X), Valerio Frascolla (BDVA-DIARIO) and Michael Malms (ETP4HPC and Transcontinuum Initiative) provided insights in ongoing activities, including AIOTI Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda.


Second panel was presenting AIOTI vision on digital for green, sustainability and contribution in achieving the EU Green Deal and Fit for 55 objectives. Panel introduced by M. Gomez Zotano and moderated by F. Poggiali discussed AIOTI recommendations with the representatives of the Commission presenting EU initiatives, outcomes of COP26 and how IoT and Edge Computing can contribute to achieving of the EU objectives. D. Wegener presented possible solutions like digital passport that could contribute in building in sustainability as design in digital products and services.


Third panel was introducing European Data Strategy from the IoT market perspective. A. Siarheyeva from AIOTI provided an overall introduction and moderated the session, A. Ludin from the European Commission DG Connect Data Unit provided an overview of the EU Data Strategy, ongoing and upcoming EU legislation and their impact on data spaces, R. Riemenschneider provided insights in data spaces related to energy to show how the EU strategies and policies can be implemented and linked to R&I activities. N. Kourtellis from Telefonica provided insights in privacy aspects and data sharing while G. Aniello from Engineering Ingegneria shared views on the data ecosystems and industry approach including recently launched Data Spaces Business Alliance.


Special thanks to our Golden Sponsor Siemens and Management Board member Tanya Suarez for moderating and leading us through the event.


Presentations can be found on the event website and recording can be found here.



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At the end of this month, AIOTI has 239 members.



AIOTI vision on IoT and Edge Computing impact on the Green Deal


On 26 November we published our vision on IoT and Edge Computing impact on the Green Deal.

This report introduces the AIOTI vision for the impact of IoT and Edge Computing on Green Deal policies and objectives.

The main objective of this report is to discuss the steps to be followed in order to:

  1. identify the high-level objectives of and challenges imposed by the EU Green Deal and key resulting Data policies;
  2. show IoT and Edge Computing business driven scenarios and use cases that can support these objectives and challenges in addressing key EU Green Deal and Data policies;
  3. map the IoT and edge computing activities in vertical industries;
  4. provide IoT and edge computing high-level research and standardisation recommendations on addressing these high-level Green Deal challenges and objectives.

The full report can be found here.


AIOTI Testbed Catalogue


AIOTI Testbeds Group has developed a  catalogue of testbeds which was published on 30 November.

The catalogue can be found here.



International Conference on Data Protection, Regulatory Compliance, and Innovative Technologies, 5 – 7 April 2022, Venice, Italy

IoT World Solution Congress, 10 – 12 May 2022, Barcelona

Fo AIOTI members, the following discounts apply:

50% IOT Congress 

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More information could be found here.

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OPEN CALL Retail Tech accelerator promotion
The retail sector has suffered greatly during the COVID-19 pandemic and its recovery is key to reinvigorating local economies! IoT Tribe are launching a new Retail Tech Accelerator in partnership with Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council looking for cutting edge retail technologies to join their cohort.

Applications close December 13th!  CLICK HERE TO APPLY

FULL URLhttp://gust.com/programs/retail-tech


EUH4D Opens 2nd Funded Call for Experiments from Data Driven SMEs

EUHubs4Data, a H2020 project that is creating a federation of European Data Driven Digital Innovation Hubs, has just opened a Call for Experiments for SMEs. This call will grant European SMEs 60.000e to test the data services and support available through the federation’s catalogue. The catalogue is a collection of data services, trainings and assets offered by the DIHs specifically for SMEs, and the experiments will enable SMEs to use the catalogue to develop their own products and services, and at the same time validate and improve the service delivery of the federation.

For more information on the Open Call and how the federation is looking to help SMEs access data and data services, the European DIGITAL SME Alliance has launched the EUH4D SME Roadshow, a series of events that provides SMEs with the opportunity to engage with the project partners and learn more about the Open Call. The first Roadshow event can be watched here, and another webinar will be taking place in December. For more information about the project and Open Call, you can visit the website or contact DIGITAL SME’s Project Manager James Philpot (j.philpot@digitalsme.eu) or Justina Bieliauskaite (j.bieliauskaite@digitalsme.eu).


The IoT Connectivity Cookbook


As more enterprises start launching IoT value-adds, the competition is set to get fierce. If you’re looking to make a success of new IoT use cases, and grab a slice of a $1.3 billion pie, let this book be your recipe for success. Offering the ingredients, recipes and methodology for an IoT buffet, “The IoT Connectivity Cookbook” is a step by step guide to global connectivity. It explores some of the IoT use cases today’s enterprises are launching, and how to streamline their route to success.


Galactic Futures Summit, 14.12.

BluSpecs is organising the Galactic Futures summit, a one-day free event, held at Palacio Neptuno, in Madrid, on the 14th December, that will demonstrate to businesses and investors from across verticals why space tech is behind many of the future digital solutions.

The invited guests will be joined by leading European startups to demonstrate the value of exploring this exciting and dynamic area and finding the partnerships to enter into the next space race.

The event will count with the French Secretary of State, Cédric O, the Head of Alliances and Investments from the Spanish Government, María González Picatoste and leaders from companies like Thales Alenia Space, Zurich or Deliveroo.

Please check the website and register for tickets there.


The Blue Future organisation – ‘Carbon negative-Nature positive’

What if we would have a solution at hand to restore the balance? ‘Carbon negative-Nature positive’
empowered by people and technology.

Demonstrating tech for the climate in practice, where “By adding BLUE everything will turn Green.”

Check the movie here.