AIOTI Standardisation Reports – webinar


WG Standardisation organised on 27 October webinar to promote two reports published at the beginning of September:

IoT and Edge Computing impact on Beyond 5G: enabling technologies and challenges Release 1.0

This report highlights several IoT vertical domain use cases collected by the Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI) and determines the specific requirements they impose on the underlying (Beyond) 5G network infrastructure. These use cases and requirements can be used by Standards Developing Organizations (SDOs), such as 3GPP, ITU-T, ISO, and IEEE as requirements for automation in vertical domains focusing on critical communications. In addition to these use cases also emerging topics in the area of (Beyond) 5G technology are as well introduced.

Edge Computing Standard Framework Concepts Release 1.0

The main objective of this report is to briefly present the global dynamics and landscapes of edge computing SDO, Alliance and OSS initiatives, which can be used: 1) to leverage on existing edge computing standardization, industry promotion and implementation of standards and protocols, and 2) to provide input to edge computing standardisation gap analysis activities.

Both reports could be found here and presentations of the webinar can be found here.


oneM2M IoT for Sustainability White Paper

AIOTI has launched in May joint collaboration with oneM2M Sustainability Committee.

One of the results of the collaboration is the launch of the oneM2M’s IoT for Sustainability White Paper that was launched on 1 October to which AIOTI actively contributed.

oneM2M recently launched a sustainability initiative to promote the role of loT systems in addressing sustainability goals. An important message from this initiative focuses on the benefits of scalable, open-standard solutions.

The full report can be found here.

The oneM2M press release can be found here.


Launch of the AIOTI Business Forum and Slack channel


At the beginning of October, we launched Slack channel dedicated to open exchanges between members, to get to know each other and discuss topics of mutual interest. This is not additional general communication and will not be administered on regular basis by the Secretariat nor it is a substitute for the usual mailing lists.

On 9 November, we are launching AIOTI Business Forum. It is primarily focused on our company members to get to know, present and pitch their work and project, find partners, or ask other members for support. The launch will be in the form of a webinar starting at 15.00h CET. Verses Global, Makula technology and weeve will be the first three members to present. The link to join is here.


Semantic Interoperability Tutorial


This tutorial was prepared by the Semantic Interoperability Expert Group of the AIOTI WG Standardization. It was presented by Martin Bauer, Raúl García-Castro, Amélie Gyrard, María Poveda Villalón and Dave Raggett at theIoT Week 2021 on 2 September.

The tutorial introduces the idea of semantic interoperability and the use of ontologies. Participants learn what ontology is and how it can be used. A focus is on reusing and extending existing ontologies, e.g. SAREF, and getting experience in finding the right ontologies for a given purpose in an ontology catalogue. The semantic modelling of two use cases is shown, starting from the smart home domain, which is extended to smart health. The tutorial concludes with some semantic web best practices for better ontology reuse.

The recording of the session is available here and the tutorial can be downloaded here.



EU Sustainability Week 2021 (25-29 October)


Natali Samovich, chair of WG Energy and Francois Fischer chair of WG Mobility initiated together with AIOTI member ENTSO-E a session on EU  Sustainability Week “Electric Vehicles and the Future of the Power System”, held on 27 October. The session discussed challenges and opportunities related to the increase of Electric Vehicles (EVs) that will occur over the next years. It will touch upon the issue of smart sector integration as a means to meet the EU Green Deal targets – with a focus on e-mobility. The research, industry, policy and customer perspectives on e-mobility will allow to have a 360-degree view of this new technology development and its impact for the whole European energy system by 2030 and beyond.





UITSEC International


DMV IoT Solutions







Callidus Grupa

Malta Communications Authority

Engineering Ingegneria Informatica

Next European Industry

Walton Institute for Information and Communication Systems Science

At the end of this month, AIOTI has 235 members.



AIOTI signature event will be held on 30 November as online webinar, starting at 14.00h CET. Please register here.

SIDO Paris, 9 – 10 November

Satellite Connectivity Summit, 16 – 18 November, Bremen

Med-Tech World, 17 – 20 November, Malta
AIOTI WG Health Chair Cristiano Paggetti will be one of the speakers

International Conference on Data Protection, Regulatory Compliance, and Innovative Technologies, 5 – 7 April 2022, Venice, Italy

IoT World Solution Congress, 10 – 12 May 2022, Barcelona

Fo AIOTI members, the following discount apply:

50% IOT Congress 
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100% unlimited Expo + tickets 
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Calendar of internal meetings



ICT development & privacy: Challenges and lessons learned in H2020 projects

ONLINE FORUM. November 16, 2021

Hosted by NTT Data Living Lab
PANELFIT holds an online session that will showcase the experiences of H2020 project leaders who successfully dealt with ethical and legal issues in the development or use of AIIoTBiometricsGeolocation and Robotics.Save the Date!
November 16, 2021 10:00 – 12:00 AM CET

Welcome to the NTT DATA Living Lab
Key Note speaker
ICT development & privacy: Challenges and lessons learned in H2020 projects:
Cyber-Trust | SOTER | NextGen.do | Reeler 
Q&A session
Wrap-up session

Please register here


Stand.ICT 5th Open Call for European Experts

5th Open Call and, as the previous calls, it is an opportunity for European experts to request direct funding for their contributions in international ICT Standardisation organizations, work groups and technical committees.

The OC#5 online applications can be submitted until the 29th of November 2021 (17:00 CET). Individual professionals & experts contributing to standardisation in the chosen horizontal ICT fields (cloud computing, IoT, 5G, Cybersecurity and data) or diverse vertical ICT fields (AI, Industry 4.0, eHealth, Quantum technologies etc.) can request up to 10K€ of direct funding and  for a max. project duration of 6 months.

Please do not hesitate to share this Open Call within your network and on social media! If needed, I would be happy to provide more information.

More information & Applications: www.standict.eu/standicteu-2023-5th-open-call