On 20 September, our AIOTI chairman Kees van der Klauw participated in the Round Table discussion on Digital Economy Europe in Brussels. The meeting brought together several high ranked members of the EU member states with the purpose to link the EC initiatives with the member state initiatives (with a multiplier in funding and efforts). AIOTI was participating with the same status as established PPP’s and we have been invited to contribute to a dedicated working group on creating Innovation Hubs and rapid deployment of digital innovations and a working group on building platforms across industries. These topics are close to the heart of our AIOTI alliance and we will be able to bring our recommendations of particularly WG2 (Innovation Ecosystems) and WG3 (Standardization) in practice. In addition, our vertical working groups active in Innovation Hubs can also contribute. It is expected that in only a few months a solid plan is made for implementation in 2017 and beyond. We will keep you posted.