The European Commission has organized on 22 January the first workshop on best practice sharing of Digital Innovation Hubs in Europe.

This was the first meeting of a series of the Digital Innovation Hubs Working Group meetings to take place until the next High-level governance meeting with Commissioner Mariya Gabriel in summer 2018.

The aim of the meeting was to bring together Digital Innovation Hubs representatives, who are part of the European Catalogue of DIHs, to discuss how to motivate SMEs to engage with hubs and how hubs can create demand for the services of the SMEs.

During the day the opportunity was given to all Digital Innovation Hubs that have a best practice on how they engage SMEs to test out digital innovations to improve their production processes, products or business models to give a short presentation about it.

It was continuation of the meeting held on 21 November, and as follow-up, AIOTI will continue working in two working groups: on standardization (Patrick Guillemin, WG3) and on Digital Innovation Hubs (Pierre-Yves Danet, WG2). AIOTI Chair is representing the organization at the plenary level.