AIOTI WG02 IoT Innovation Ecosystems is coordinating the work of the IoT Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) Network. Based on that work, the WG prepared theWhite Paper on Mission and Activities of IoT DIHs Network

The network of IoT Digital Innovation Hub (AIOTIDIHN) will play a fundamental role in building the community of developers contributing to IoT adoption in European industry, acting at local level. At the same time, AIOTIDIHN will emphasize on the business development strategies of the several IoT projects ran locally and eventually propose a roadmap for existing sectorial needs’ fulfillment and unveiling of emergent ones through local economy’s engagement. Thus, the AIOTIDIHN Programme aims at supporting the creation and the operations of IoT DIH nodes EU- and worldwide focusing on the technical capacities but not exclusively.

Business hubs, determined to incubate and encourage new services, play an important role in the global ecosystem that AIOTI is spinning. As in webs, all nodes are essential to build a lasting and strong structure; but, in this case the wider the web, the stronger the structure. To encourage the growth of the digital economy, AIOTIDIHN enables local digital hubs to enrich their services, to spin a network of enabling communities and to further support new internet-based business creation at local level. It is an effort to expand the reach of IoT technologies, so that as many companies or even individual developers as possible can have easy first contact with IoT along with its leading promotion organization in EU, AIOTI, and take full advantage of it.

The White Paper can be downloaded here.