AIOTI will be represented by Natalie Samovich, WG on Smart Energy on the panel “Intelligent Digital Solutions for the energy transition” that will be held within Solar Power Europe digitalisation event, that will be held on 4 – 5 December 2018, Munich. AIOTI will present the work done as a follow up of Open Markets workshop held in Brussels on 22 October. Below is more information about the panel.

Blockchain-based Solutions for Peer-to-Peer Power Trading 
Blockchain technology offers huge opportunities to have everyone participate in the new energy world using a ‘simple’ and convenient platform. This session will discuss the potential, challenges and first real-life experiences. 

Sonia Dunlop, Senior Policy Advisor, SolarPower Europe

Gregor Novak, CEO, Suncontract
Jens Griesing, Product Owner, Energy Web Foundation
Peter Wiedmann, Deloitte Blockchain Institute
Neal Coady, Head of Technology Strategy, Centrica
Natalie Samovich, AIOTI, chair of WG on Smart Energy