Why join?

Become a member of the largest European network for Internet of Things innovation.

    • Link directly to many key players in the IoT eco-system from the private and public sector
    • Find potential partners in IoT innovation, team up in working groups around your area of interest
    • Link directly to the EU Institutions and EU member states
    • Contribute to the shaping of EU policy-making on the future of IoT
    • Get actionable, up-to date market information on IoT Innovation
    • Learn about relevant developments, policies, standards and regulations in the IoT eco-system
    • Receive special offers and other privileges for various IoT events
    • Elect and become eligible for key positions in AIOTI

Who can join?

Membership is open to any legal entity with a legitimate interest in being part of the Alliance. This includes small businesses, corporations, associations, universities and public authorities. All members are obliged to accept the AIOTI’s terms of reference. The Alliance is not open to individuals, only legal entities which contribute to EU competitiveness in IoT. Members must therefore have a legal entity with a registered office and a central or principal place of business involving R&D, applications and/or industrial activities in IoT that is based in Europe as defined, which means (see definition of “Europe” in the Articles of Association: “Europe shall mean the the European Union, the European Free Trade Area, the countries to whom the European Union (“EU”) grants the status of candidate countries to the EU and countries associated to the European framework programme on research and innovation”). In principle, the AIOTI has only one type of Members. In exceptional cases we may consider an Associate Membership more suitable to NGOs and other forms of association. If you think this applies to you, please let us know. Note that Associate Members cannot be candidates for any AIOTI management positions. Every member company can nominate one person to represent them, with a maximum of two delegates to attend events.

For more information and to inquire about joining the AIOTI, email

Membership Application

Below is the application form to join the AIOTI – Alliance for the Internet of Things Innovation association, in this form further referred to as “the Association”. Mandatory fields must be filled in that your application can be considered valid and be assessed by the Management Board of the Association. In this form you will be referred to as “Applicant”. In this Form, the terms used with capital have the meaning attributed to them in the Articles of Association of the Association, herein further referred to as “A.o.A”.  The Applicant applies for membership of the Association in accordance with all provisions set out and provides all information requested in the Form below.

The annual membership fee for 2019 is 2.000,00 EUR (VAT excluded) for companies other than SME’s and 900,00 EUR (VAT excluded) for all other member categories.

Download the AIOTI Articles of Association