Standardisation will play a key role in the consolidation of IoT landscape; since many of the benefits of IoT will occur on the basis of widespread adoption, the development of global standards is pivotal to ensuring economies of scale and impact.

AIOTI WG03 will be a focus of European engagement and steering in the standardisation process. In collaboration with other AIOTI Working Groups:

  • Maintain a view on the landscape of IoT standards-relevant activities being driven by Standard Developing Organizations, Consortia, Alliances and Open Source Software projects
  • Provide a forum for analysis, discussion and alignment of strategic, cross-domain, technical themes and shared concerns across landscape activities
  • Develop recommendations and guidelines addressing those concerns
  • Engage the IoT community in disseminating and promoting the results and steering emerging standards

The working group is currently responding to three key challenges and the intensive and successful collaborative work with our AIOTI members resulted in publishing three reports at the end of 2015:

  • AIOTI report on IoT LSP Standard Framework Concepts
  • AIOTI Report on High Level Architecture (HLA)
  • AIOTI Report on IoT Semantic interoperability)

The reports were updated in 2016 with the creation of an additional activity on IoT Privacy in cooperation with AIOTI WG4 (Policy Issues). These WG3 reports make early recommendations with regards to gaps, issues facing IoT architectures and challenges which are intended to be included within the scope of the 2017-2020 H2020 funded IoT Large Scale Pilots Pilots.

In addition to these three reports, AIOTI WG3 co-organised a 2015 first edition of a workshop on IoT Standardisation and Architecture with the European Commission. A second edition is planned for end January 2017.

We are really pleased with our current achievements, but our job is not yet done. The momentum should be kept after the new AIOTI Association launched at AIOTI 11 November 2016 General Assembly. AIOTI Working Group 3 is seen as a reference for the other AIOTI WGs with more than half of the number of members participating. As chair for Working Group 3, I would also like to highlight that our work is useful not only for the AIOTI members but also for the entire IoT community.