While amid the pandemic, now more than ever, we need to think about rebuilding and rebooting our society, communities, and related economy. It urges us to reflect and think about the various societal challenges at hand and address these efficiently.

AIOTI’s Working Group Urban Society[1] supports the needed holistic approach and convergence by integrating and touching societal challenges, not only the horizontals but also the vertical domains intertwined and part of Urban Society as a whole. Therefore, this document is a joint-effort made in co-creation and cross fertilization within the different domains, hereby referred as the different working groups within AIOTI’s Urban Society, Health, Innovation Ecosystems, Standardization, Policy & Strategies, Taskforce IoT Security, Taskforce IoT Privacy.

Powerful tools have been developed within the AIOTI community in order to address these societal challenges[2] and bring to light the best scenarios based on a data-driven socio-economic model in which sharing, collecting, storing, analyzing, processing and visualizing large amounts of data is crucial for its success and in order to make Europe climate neutral, smart, green, resilient and digital with a human-centric approach. We will do this while maintaining privacy and security, reducing cost, emissions and energy consumption by bringing reliable, future-proof, scalable and sustainable solutions.

The scenarios in scope touch base on all seven (7) components/domains published by the Commission[3], but discuss in more detail four (4) out of the seven (7) components. Since everything is interconnected and domains are intertwined within ecosystems, we chose to address multiple domains and integrate them in one document. The use cases displayed in this document can be used cross-domain which increases efficiency, economies of scale, job creation, accelerates implementation and reduces costs. The components this document addresses are: ‘Clean, Smart and Fair Urban Mobility’, ‘Reskill & Upskill’, ‘Digital Connectivity’ and ‘Public Administration’.

We included the Public Administration in our document since teaming up with local administrations, in PPP (public-private-partnership) is prioritized. Only together we will be able to mitigate the social and economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic. We can all testify to the paradigm shift we face, in which the profound realization has occurred that the only way forward towards a more resilient and greener future is the human-centric approach by addressing the societal challenges. We do realize the urgency, not only for ourselves but for the future generations to come, to serve and do things differently. This can only occur by shifting away from the technical- & shareholder- centric approach. After all, digital serves and facilitates humans needs and wellbeing, not the way around. We look forward to collaborating on different levels with local, (cross-)sectorial, (cross-)regional, Member States, The European Union, periphery and beyond in order to lean in, deploy, implement, interact to (re)-built our societies.

AIOTI supports the focus on digital[4] and green[5] technologies in the overall EU Recovery Fund package, particularly the Recovery and Resilience Facility[6], which will bring jobs and economic growth. All scenarios we address in this document are digital objectives in order to push the Digital Economy and Society[7] based on the three main pillars of the European Commission: more Green, more Digital and more Resilient.

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