AIOTI, ERTICO and the Europan Commission made this whitepaper Did we just reach the Mobility sector Data Marketplaces tipping point?

Full document could be found here.

Recommendations and next steps:

This whitepaper recommends joint efforts and collaboration across different ecosystems to address the actual needs for the Digital Transformation in the domain of Mobility of persons and goods and in particular to sustain the deployment of electro-mobility. The paper seeks to trigger discussion among different stakeholders (those that were present during the workshop and beyond) and collect feedback from a wider stakeholder audience to provide their own recommendations.

Associations such as ERTICO and AIOTI in collaboration with EC should jointly take measures to address remaining roadblocks to break silos between climate, energy and mobility, both in terms of technical gaps, infrastructure needs and policy support. Some subjects are already being addressed: e.g. creating metadata standards with the Open Geospatial Consortium.

The network effects of the well-functioning data marketplaces hold great promise for combing solutions in many powerful ways.  Unlocking agents of liquidity of data for improving physical infrastructures, paving way for autonomous driving, while building better cities and securing clean air are all worth our collective efforts and should include both public and private sector actions.

We welcome the discussion on the stages of IoT Marketplaces in Mobility at the upcoming IoT week workshop in Aarhus, June 2019.