To ensure IoT and Edge computing testbeds are collected and promoted supporting AIOTI members to test and promote their solutions


  • Promote the advantages of using IoT and edge computing in various vertical domains using testbeds
  • Facilitate to AIOTI members to find testbeds where to test/validate new developments for specific use cases
  • Create network of federated AIOTI testbeds
  • Prepare and present DLT PET methodology, testing and reporting


Focus Groups:


DLT and Web3:


Forum to discuss challenges and demonstrate opportunities brought by the application of Distributed Ledger Technologies within IoT solutions. Our member group forms the merge between legacy and innovative DLT enabled ecosystems. Our members contributions to the AIOTI High Level Architecture for data spaces, drives multiple vertical and transversal industries and use cases. Our members demonstrate DLT enabled solutions on the new AIOTI Testbeds in liaison with OGC, the EBSI, Climate Chain Coalition and INATBA.



  • Ongoing update to the AIOTI Online Testbed Catalogue by collecting testbeds from other WGs and from new members
  • Application of the methodology to provide a mapping of the existing Testbed Catalogue to key relevant AIOTI areas, in cooperation with Research and Standardisation WGs, based on the proposed IG Testbeds methodology, and following the “AI Testing and Experimentation (TEFs) in the Digital Europe Programme
  • Identify gaps to be covered between existing testbeds and key use-cases, applications and AIOTI focus areas
  • Support a thorough dissemination of the collected testbeds, including demos of selected testbeds on key events (3-4 events)


DLT Testbeds:

  • Members use cases demonstrations
  • Liaison with INATBA WG Interoperability and EU-OS
  • DLT components and High-level Architecture
  • Our working group monitors the environmental impacts of DLT
  • Group members research and experiment the different angles of “convergence”, with the intention to publish Research notes and to contribute to the SRIA.
  • To identify key technological developments and technological Proof of Readiness in the scope of DLT
  • Develop and promote DLT PET methodology, testing and reporting


Web3 Accelerator:

  • AIOTI publications on DLT-IoT-Convergence and the Testbeds catalogue are listing use cases and available business and technical components that formed the basis for implementation of the WEB3 Accelerator.
  • The WEB3 Accelerator intends to help the ecosystem to integrate WEB3 business opportunities and deploy interoperable WEB3 solutions based on insights and components provided by the AIOTI community.
  • The Accelerator activities are organised around Brussels, led by AIOTI staff. The Accelerator is accessible to all public and private organisations and individuals. But for being part of it, AIOTI membership is mandatory.
  • AIOTI workshops will provide WEB3 business insights for Media, Authorities, Industry and Education and prepare context for a Hackathon and September 2023. The outcomes and winners of the hackathon will be presented at the AIOTI Signature event in October.
  • AIOTI registered testbeds will publish practical WEB3 demonstrators for Media, Authorities, Industry and Education. And an updated (DLT-IoT-AI) Convergence paper will be published.
  • Public launches will be stimulated in Q4/2023 and program continuity will be assured to achieve meaningful public and private experimentations during in first half of 2024


Tom De Block, Nearcom
Ronald Freund, Fraunhofer