• Promote the advantages of using IoT and edge computing in various vertical domains using test beds
  • Facilitate to AIOTI members to find testbeds where to test/validate new developments for specific use cases
  • Create network of federated AIOTI testbeds

The overall goal of the IG Testbeds is to promote and to facilitate the use of testbeds available, provided and supported by AIOTI members, with focus on IoT and Edge computing across the different sectors in Europe (see notes). Specific activities are:


  • Ongoing update to the Testbed Catalogue by collecting testbeds from other WGs and from new members (Q2-Q4)
  • Application of the methodology to provide a mapping of the existing Testbed Catalogue to key relevant AIOTI areas, in cooperation with Research and Standardisation WGs, based on the proposed IG Testbeds methodology (Q3), and following the “AI Testing and Experimentation (TEFs) in the Digital Europe Programme
  • Identify gaps to be covered between existing testbeds and key use-cases, applications and AIOTI focus areas (Q4)
  • Support a thorough dissemination of the AIOTI IG collected testbeds, including demos of selected testbeds on key events (3-4 events)
Charles Sturman, Huawei
Rute Sofia, fortiss