The engagement and enthusiasm of all participants during an intensive 3-day strategy workshop, underlined the conviction shared by all that IoT will soon impact everything and everybody in Europe. From cross sector start-ups, SMEs and multi-nationals, to national and regional governmental bodies, to the lives of all European citizens: IoT is set to bring fundamental changes.

With this in mind and now that AIOTI is moving towards becoming a fully-fledged European-wide platform that stimulates a dynamic IoT ecosystem, it was time to focus on the mission and long-term vision of the alliance. AIOTI’s prime goal is to leverage the technical power of its members, as well as heeding the interests of individual European citizens. To be able to do so effectively, strategic topics related to the governance of the alliance, needed to be addressed.


For this purpose, over 90 key members gathered in Toulon – France – for three days to discuss AIOTI strategy, interaction and alignment. At working group level, sessions focussed on planning and managing the specific contributions of AIOTI Working Groups.

Kees van der Klauw, Chairman of AIOTI says of the successful strategy workshop: ‘IoT and business models are evolving at such a pace that it’s essential to be right there in the centre of the process. Only by doing so, will we be able to create a citizen centric European approach. We look forward to the AIOTI General Assembly in June, during which members will be able to endorse the strategy and contribute their views on the data economy and on creating a European digital market. AIOTI holds a unique position representative of all sectors, in which these exciting and disruptive developments are taking place.’

The outcomes of the strategy workshop will be shared with all AIOTI members shortly and will be presented for endorsement at the AIOTI General Assembly on 30th June in Brussels.