The Internet Of Things Alliance – AIOTI holds second General Assembly and launches Strategy 2017-2021

On the 30th of June 2017 the Alliance For Internet Of Things (AIOTI) held its second General Assembly since its formal establishment as an Association in September 2016. Members consisting of corporates, SMEs, governmental organisations, research institutes and end-users, unanimously approved and endorsed the AIOTI Strategy 2017-2021 which was presented that day.

During the conference, the member working groups shared their views on strategic issues, opportunities and action plans to stimulate the uptake of IoT innovation in a European Digital Single Market. AIOTI’s strategy features horizontal aspects such as driving research roadmaps, bringing stakeholders together in real-scale experimentation, driving towards common standards and enabling policies; it also involves applying those in various application domains such as Smart Living, Cities, Farming, Industry and several others.

As well as launching AIOTI’s strategy, the General Assembly welcomed Mr. Shinji Ide (MIC) and Mr. Takashi Kono (METI) in the context of its partnership with ITAC, the Japanese IoT Acceleration Consortium (ITAC), and Dr. Mechthild Rohen, head of the Internet of Things Unit of DG CONNECT of the European Commission, sharing their vision on IoT innovation and the role of AIOTI.

During the Dialogue Forum “Platforms, Pilots, Alliances – Are we ready for mainstream deployments?”, experts from industry, government and society discussed how to overcome the challenges that may be encountered when creating a Smart City in the Internet of Things.

IoT and new business models now evolve at such a pace that it is essential to be right in the centre of the developments. By focussing on seven strategic points, the AIOTI will contribute to creating a human-centric European approach:

  • Relevance: integrating the latest technology developments, such as in Artificial Intelligence and security
  • Acceptance: involving end-users to build trust
  • Deployment: drive implementation in real-scale experiments
  • Convergence: driving the use of common standards and policies to increase scalability and avoid cost of non-value-added diversity
  • SME involvement: supporting access to the IoT ecosystem
  • Education: engaging stakeholders by providing relevant information about IoT
  • Organisation: being a very efficient association that enables members to have impact.

The AIOTI alliance is unique in the sense that it provides the missing links in stimulating the innovation of IoT. That goes beyond traditional approaches in technology, but also involves all stakeholders in an end-to-end approach. AIOTI is very much a member-driven alliance with a unique working group structure. Horizontal working groups focus on topics relevant to all IoT applications (such as standards and policies), and vertical working groups with strong representation from the application domains focus on real-scale implementation in, for example, Smart Cities, Healthcare and Wearable Technologies.

Kees van der Klauw, Chairman of AIOTI: “The engagement during the General Assembly, and the unanimous adoption of the 2017-2021 Strategy, underlined the conviction shared by all that IoT is impacting everything and everybody in Europe. From cross sector start-ups, SMEs and multinationals, to national and regional governmental bodies, and the lives of all European citizens: IoT is set to bring fundamental changes. So we better prepare ourselves along with all the stakeholders involved”.

The AIOTI General Assembly also appointed a new Management Board and formally installed the elected leadership of the Working Groups and its Steering Board.

Now that AIOTI is becoming a rapidly growing European-wide platform with nearly 200 members, the alliance’s mission, governance and longer-term vision will provide the framework for its direction, driven by its members, in the interests of European citizens and the economy.


About AIOTI:

The Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI) – an initiative of the European Commission – aims to boost the dialogue and collaboration between Internet-of-Things (IoT) players within Europe. The main goal of the alliance is to create a dynamic European ecosystem that can unleash the full potential of IoT. This ecosystem fosters experimentation, replication and deployment of IoT and IoT standards. Building on the innovative power of the IoT Research Cluster (IERC), AIOTI connects research and industry to help turn brilliant ideas into sustainable business models. AIOTI also advises the European Commission regarding future IoT research, as well as on innovation and standardization-related issues.

AIOTI Strategy 2017 - 2021 voting