Profile, Tasks and Responsibilities


The Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation has been officially registered as an Association under Belgian law in September 2016. It is a member-driven alliance involving large and small companies, start-ups, academia, associations and end-user organisations involved in innovation in the IoT. AIOTI has a strong cooperation with the European Commission in stimulating IoT research, large scale piloting and deployment and adoption and is experiencing strong growth.

To support the development of AIOTI and to support its members better, AIOTI intends to appoint a Secretary General who will be in charge of the daily management of its activities.

Tasks & Responsibilities

Daily management of AIOTI, effectively 2 working days per week (average), supported by administrative resources, which includes in general the following topics:

  • Membership management (registration, administration, invoicing, Working Group linkage, data base management) with administrative support
  • Communications (response to inquiries, members, network)
  • Directing general communications with support of Marketing Communications experts (including website)
  • Representation of AIOTI at relevant events
  • Spokesperson for AIOTI on occasions delegated by Management Board members
  • Permanent non-voting-member of the Management Board and Steering Board
  • Supports the chairs of the MB and SB with the agenda of the meetings/conf. calls
  • Writing the minutes of the meetings/conf. calls and tracking progress on actions
  • Organising the AIOTI events within budget
  • Payment (via the accountant) of invoices, cf. rules agreed with the AIOTI Treasurer
  • Executing tasks as delegated to him/her by MB members

While the candidate will be fully accountable for the above tasks with freedom to act and bring in his/her own views on managing AIOTI, the formal responsibility for AIOTI (financially, legally) resides with the Management Board to whom the Secretary General will report. The Management Board will decide on policies and procedures and will also perform key roles.


  • European person with
    • Academic level in technical field
    • Experience/knowledge in Internet of Things and Innovation
    • Management experience preferably in P/L organisations
    • Fluency in English
  • Strong engagement and commitment (‘full time commitment, part time job’)
  • Strong affinity with driving IoT innovation in a wide scope (industry large/small, academia, government, end-users)
  • Enthusiasm, drive and good communication and cooperation skills
  • Living in western Europe with easy (time, cost) travel to Brussels and AIOTI key countries

AIOTI will not employ the candidate but will provide a contract for services which implies that the candidate can operate either as a free-lancer or is seconded for the Secretary General task by his/her company (preferably one of our member-organisations). The financial compensation for this function is to be discussed with the AIOTI Management Board.

For further information or registration of candidacy please contact the Management Board at:

Reactions are expected before the first of October

Mr. Kees van der Klauw – Chairman

Mr. Jan Lohstroh – Treasurer

Mr. Raph Crouan – Secretary