Seasonal Greetings

AIOTI would like to thank you for all your hard work in 2018. We look forward to working together in 2019 and have another fruitful year promoting Internet of Things and Innovation.
We wish you very happy holidays and all the best for 2019!


AIOTI signed the Memorandum of Understanding on potential EU partnership with 5G IA

AIOTI officially signed the memorandum of understanding with 5G IA in ICT-2018 in Vienna on 4 December 2018.Members were updated during the webinar on 11 October and at the extraordinary General Assembly on 11 December about the discussions

AIOTI officially signed the Memorandum of Understanding with ETP4HPC at ICT-2018

AIOTI officially signed the memorandum of understanding with ETP4HPC in ICT-2018 in Vienna on 6 December 2018.


AIOTI extraordinary online General Assembly, 11 December

AIOTI held its extraordinary online General Assembly on 11 December. The main decisions for 2019 were taken, namely the adoption of the 2019 budget and the 2019 increased membership fee. The presented material could be found here.

Digital Citizen – ICT 2018, 5 December, Vienna

Mustapha Bouraoui, chair of WG Smart Living Environment represented AIOTI at the panel discussion on Digital Citizen on the ICT-2018 conference that was held in Vienna, Austria on 5 December.

Intelligent Digital Solutions for Energy Transition, 5 December, Munich

Natalie Samovich, chair of WG Smart Energy presented at the Digital Solar and Storage conference organised by SolarPower Europe, Europe’s biggest solar association, and IBESA, the International Battery & Energy Storage Alliance on 4-5 December 2018 in BMW World, Munich.

“INTELLIGENT DIGITAL SOLUTIONS FOR THE ENERGY TRANSITION , Blockchain-based Solutions for Peer-to-Peer Power Trading” – panel presentations and discussions evolved around decentralised energy solutions and the role of the enabling technologies, such as blockchain and IoT. The preliminary results of the TF on Blockchain at AIOTI were shared.

The topic will be followed on within the upcoming workshop on Open energy Marketplaces in March 2019 in Brussels.  and

More information could be found here.

Upcoming meetings and events

After the 2018 Series of IoT Webinars, which was GDPR-Centric, we will now start with a new Series of IoT Security, Privacy & Trust Webinars. This Series will be Application-Centric. IoT Verticals meet IoT Horizontals.

A. Personal Wearables (H2x): Health, Living, Public Space, and other verticals
B. Moving Sensors (M2x): Farm2Fork, Mobility, Cities, and other verticals
C. Long Term Fixed IoT Applications (M2x): Industry 4.0, Cities, Water Management, Energy, Construction, Living, and other verticals.

These Themes Webinars have an Open Attendance policy; we hope you will join as well. The first Webinar, about Wearables, will be on Wednesday, 9 January 2019 from 10.00 – 11.00 CET. If you did not yet previously register, please do through Attendance is free of charge, and subject to availability.

Connected Smart Cities Conference, 17 January 2019, Brussels (AIOTI MB Chair to lead the opening panel and MB member Tanya Suarez among panellists)
IoT Week 2019, 17-21 June 2019, Aarhus, Denmark

Working Group Updates

WG13 on Smart Building & Smart Architecture

Last November 21-22nd  AIOTI’s working group on Smart Building & Smart Architecture has held its face2face meeting in Amsterdam at UNSENSE offices. Creatively retrofitted office within a historical building in the Plantage district of Amsterdam – a green neighborhood with a rich history and many places of interest and relevance, UNStudios is an innovative architectural firm with projects around the world. In their own words, they are working on “Vision future-proofing the future”. As what we design today is normally built in three to five years, we are used to working with the future in mind.

However, the future is changing faster than ever before. Even the most accurate predictions can be made redundant by a sudden advance in technology.”  The Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam and the BMW-showrooms in Munich are their emblematic projects. UNSENSE’s Roger Tan provided a summary of their work; illustrating that our goals have enough in common to ensure promising cooperation.

AIOTI vision is in line with the innovative projects of the firm. In the first half of 2019 WG is intending to finalize a white-paper outlining point of views and shared experience along with strategic vision and direction for the development of the smart buildings concept, role of the social, technological and economic side of this dynamic progress. Our intentions regarding research on our subject matter of the related areas will be shared as well.

Furthermore, we intend to hold open discussions with other related WG’s within AIOTI to ensure that we build upon shared thoughts and parallel goals. Smart Buildings are integrated into the Smart Cities fabric and are powered by Energy and should be integrated with Smart Mobility. We are envisioning a genuinely connected world with users at the center.

During the discussion, we moved from building concept to space discussions and interfaces with physical surfaces.  “Architecture is the adaptation of space to human needs”: exploring how IoT can contribute to making smart spaces is a mission of AIOTI WG13. Join us for an ongoing dialogue, exploration for research and innovation projects and shaping the space to address human needs!