Choosing the right ontologies is an important basis for successfully implementing semantic systems and achieving semantic interoperability between the systems. To make the choice of ontologies easier, the Semantic Interoperability Expert Group of the Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI) Working Group on Standardization has created an Ontology Landscape that currently includes 30 ontologies from different application areas of IoT.

Apart from the application domain, the landscape visualizes how the ontology is maintained (by the colour used: single maintainerorganizationgroup of organizations/industry association or standardization organization). The intensity of the colour shows the technology readiness level, ranging from technology validated in the lab (very light) to actual system proven in operational environment (dark).

This overview gives a first indication, which ontologies could be suitable candidates in a given use case. In the following, a summary of key information about each ontology is given, including technical specification, Universal Reference Identifier (URI) of ontology file, license, maintainer and a short description.

The information has been collected from the maintainers of the respective ontology who filled out a survey. A link to the full survey information is also provided for each ontology. The Semantic Interoperability Expert Group plans to collect information about more IoT ontologies and provide an updated Ontology Landscape in the future.

The full report can be downloaded here.