AIOTI WG06 Reports on Smart Farming and Food Security

AIOTI WG 6 is the key meeting point of EU- based stakeholders interested in developing and exploiting the benefits of IoT (technologies, ecosystem and infrastructure) in the domains of farming for food production and food safety, from farm to fork. The scope of the working group encompasses precision farming (IoT devices, data management tools and issues) applied to multiple farming modalities, food traceability and safety, considering the business, policy and societal dimensions.

Download “Digital Innovation Hubs for agriculture”.

AIOTI WG06 Survey Results on Business models for DIHs in the agriculture and food domain

The Working Group of AIOTI ( in smart farming and food security has conducted a survey to get insights about the funding aspects of the activities developed by Digital Innovation Hubs in the agriculture and food domain.

The purpose of the conducted survey is to get more insight on this topic directly from the (potential) beneficiaries and promoters of agri-DIH initiatives in Europe.

Download “Business models for Digital Innovation Hubs in the agriculture and food domain – Survey results”