The network of IoT Digital Innovation supported by the AIOTI will play a fundamental role in building the community of developers contributing to IoT adoption in European industry, acting at local level. At the same time, it will emphasize on the business development strategies of the several IoT projects ran locally and eventually propose a roadmap for existing sectorial needs’ fulfillments and unveiling of emergent ones through local economy’s engagement. Thus, the program aims at supporting the creation and the operations of IoT DIH nodes EU- and worldwide focusing on the technical capacities but not exclusively.

Business hubs, determined to incubate and encourage new services, play an important role in the global ecosystem that AIOTI is spinning. As in webs, all nodes are essential to build a lasting and strong structure; but, in this case the wider the web, the stronger the structure. To encourage the growth of the digital economy, IoT eDIH network enables local digital hubs to enrich their services, to spin a network of enabling communities and to further support new internet-based business creation at local level. It is an effort to expand the reach of IOT technologies, so that as many companies or even individual developers as possible can have an easy first contact with IoT along with its leading promotion organization in EU, AIOTI, and take full advantage of it. However, the Digital Europe Program does only target HPC, AI and Cybersecurity domains and it is obvious that IoT is very complementary to AI and cybersec as most of the smart services (building, city, health, agriculture, energy, …) need these 3 technologies to develop innovative services. Therefore, IoT eDIH should also support developments of solutions that encompass IoT with AI or IoT with cybersec or IoT with AI and cybersec.

This second paper developed by the AIOTI DIH task force is bringing additional contributions to provide a clear definition of what will the IoT eDIH network, addressing the governance, the business model, the cooperation rules, the certification, the services, the platform catalog and the market place.

This paper is describing a number of actions that AIOTI needs to put in place in order to set up a sustainable IoT eDIH network able to support IoT eDIHs. In the next Digital Europe program, €1.3 billion for ensuring the wide use of digital technologies across the economy and society to Build up and strengthen the network of European Digital Innovation Hubs, aiming to have a Hub in every region, to help companies benefit from digital opportunities.

With regards to this program, AIOTI is willing to be part of this initiative, taking advantage of the Digital Europe program to put in place such a network following the activities described in this paper.

To do so, there are a number of steps to climb but there is also a need to coordinate these steps with DIHNET.EU in order to secure the sustainability and the consistency of the action plan.

Full paper can be found here.