IoT and Edge Computing Carbon Footprint Measurement Methodology

AIOTI Digital for Green Group has prepared the report on IoT and Edge Computing Carbon Footprint Measurement Methodology. This report is addressed to users of IoT […]

IoT Improving Healthy Urban Living

AIOTI WG Urban Society prepared a paper on IoT Improving Healthy Urban Living. The full paper can be found here. This Paper reflects on the matter […]

Report Guidance for the Integration of IoT and Edge Computing in Data Spaces

AIOTI WG Standardisation Sub-Group High Level Architecture prepared a report on Guidance for the Integration of IoT and Edge Computing in Data Spaces. The full report […]

IoT Risk Classification Spectra: a Multi-Layered Life Cycle System-Thinking (and -Doing) Approach

When focussing on IoT and other connected devices and taking a risk-perspective to those, a methodology to do high-level quality risk classification is to have a […]

White Paper: Business Impact of IoT in Manufacturing Industries

Typically, in the research and innovation AIOTI community (e.g. H2020 and now Horizon Europe Programme – HEP), industrial IoT solutions are developed, deployed and discussed in […]

AIOTI Views on the Data Act

AIOTI has made its views on the draft proposal of the dratf proposal of the Regulation on harmonised rules on fair access to and use of […]

Report on DLT-IoT Convergence

AIOTI Distributed Ledger Technologies Group published on 27 May a Report on DLT-IoT technological convergence. The convergence of disruptive technologies is driving society towards a fast […]

AIOTI Views on the Cybersecurity Resilience Act

Security of and related to IoT ecosystems is one of the main trust components that AIOTI is and has been focussing on since it was founded. […]

AIOTI views on the European Chips Act

AIOTI has published its view on the European Chips Act. AIOTI welcomes the proposed EU Chips Act as it lays the foundation to spur advanced semiconductor […]