Brussels, 15 December 2020

Today, Mr Luigi Rebuffi, Secretary General of the European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO), together with Damir Filipovic, Secretary General of AIOTI, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to facilitate a closer cooperation in the field of cyber security and IoT on standardisation and technology-driven research and innovation.

The Memorandum of Understanding formalises the mutual interaction and cooperation in exchanging information and experience in the field of cybersecurity and IoT, to identify and address research priorities for the development of secure and trusted connected technologies.

Both ECSO and AIOTI share the common objective to foster the development of a competitive European market and the deployment of trusted connected solutions, as their application will have an impact on many other technology areas, including e-health, energy, industry 4.0, intelligent transport to mention a few.

The vision of AIOTI is to lead, promote, bridge and collaborate in IoT & Edge Computing and other converging technologies research and innovation, standardisation and ecosystem building providing IoT deployment for European businesses creating benefits for European society

As the contractual partner to the European Commission in implementing Public-Private Partnerships on cybersecurity, ECSO aims to foster cooperation between European stakeholders from public and private sectors and sustain the implementation and development of the Digital Single Market. ECSO Working Groups deal with different European cybersecurity industrial policy issues, including standards, certification, as well as research and innovation (R&I), which are all important to the deployment of trusted connected devices into the European single market

Damir Filipovic, Secretary General of AIOTI, said “AIOTI is at the forefront of IoT and Edge Computing in Europe,  integrating converging technologies. Cybersecurity is a major paving stone on the road towards convergence and we view our collaboration with ECSO R&I as essential to enhancing trust in connected devices and services globally.“

Luigi Rebuffi, Secretary General of ECSO, added that “This Memorandum between AIOTI and ECSO is an important milestone in fostering our collaboration on standardisation activities and aligning R&I priorities to deliver support the deployment of cybersecure, interoperable and trusted connected devices in the European market”.


About European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO)

European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO) is a non-for-profit organisation, established in 2016. ECSO unites more than 265 European cybersecurity stakeholders, including large companies, SMEs and start-ups, research centres, universities, end-users, operators, associations, as well as regional and national administrations. ECSO works with its members and partners to develop a competitive European cybersecurity ecosystem providing trusted cybersecurity solutions and advancing Europe’s cybersecurity posture and its technological independence.


About the Alliance for Internet Of Things Innovation (AIOTI)

AIOTI is the multi-stakeholder platform for stimulating IoT Innovation in Europe, bringing together small and large companies, start-ups and scale-ups, academia, policy makers and end-users and representatives of society in an end-to-end approach. We work with partners in a global context. We strive to leverage, share and promote best practices in the IoT ecosystems, be a one-stop point of information on all relevant aspects of IoT Innovation to its members while proactively addressing key issues and roadblocks for economic growth, acceptance and adoption of IoT Innovation in society.