AIOT submitted responses to the public consultations: Smart Readiness Indicators, European Data Spaces, General Product Safety Directive

AIOTI Working Group 13 Smart Buildings and Architecture prepared a response on the voluntary Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI) consultation. AIOTI response can be found here.

AIOTI also submitted responses to public consultations organized by the European Commission on inception impact assessment of the General Product Safety Directive (GPSD) and on the New Consumer Agenda, related to the GPSD related part, as well as on the inception impact assessment of the legislative framework for the governance of common European data spaces. All responses could be found on AIOTI online collaboration tool.


Update of AIOTI Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda 2030

AIOTI started the process of updating our Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA). The first contributions can be sent to Secretary-General at sg@aioti.eu and to WG IoT Research Chair Ovidiu Vermesan at ovidiu.vermesan@sintef.no. The inital document and timeline could be found on AIOTI online collaboration tool (here).


Upcoming meetings and events



AIOTI Webinar IoT – driving Europe’s technology sovereignty and leadership, 29 September, at 13.00h CET

On the 29 September from 13.00 – 16.30h CET AIOTI will held a Webinar on IoT – driving Europe’s technology sovereignty and leadership. The agenda and more details about the speakers can be found here.


La Gare du MIDIH Webinar, your station for a Digital Transformation (DT) journey,  22 September, at 09h00 CET

Three virtual Digital Transformation Trains will depart from Gare du MIDIH. Onboard of these trains you will find highly qualified domain experts (from inside and outside MIDIH) debating opportunities and challenges for the Digital Transformation of European Manufacturing Industry and SMEs. , Common final destination of the three Trains is the new 2021-2027 Multi-Annual Financial Framework programme of the EU Commission. More information can be found here.



Article and video: Europe’s Experience Readiness Level – Navigating IoT and Arts in a New Digital World. The article and video can be found here.




Reports of the webinars recently co-organised by AIOTI on The role of standards in accelerating innovation, (held on 12 June), Data Sharing in Agriculture (held on 10 June) and Data Sharing in IoT Ecosystems (held on 29 January) can be found here.



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