AIOTI, ISO/IEC JTC1, ETSI, oneM2M and W3C Collaborate on Two Joint White Papers on Semantic Interoperability Targeting Developers and Standardization Engineers

Cross-organization expert group works together on accelerating adoption of semantic technologies in IoT AIOTI today announced its collaborative role in the publication of two joint white […]

“European Industry Partnerships for New Digital Age Collaborative Event” 12 September 2019 Presentations and Gallery

The presentations and the photo gallery from the “European Industry Partnerships for New Digital Age Collaborative Event” 12 September 2019, Brussels are uploaded on and can […]

AIOTI White Paper Mission and Activities of IoT Digital Innovation Hubs Network Version 1.0

AIOTI WG02 IoT Innovation Ecosystems is coordinating the work of the IoT Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) Network. Based on that work, the WG prepared theWhite Paper […]

AIOTI Report – IoT LSP Standard Framework Concepts, Release 2.9

AIOTI WG03 IoT Standardisation has prepared the updated report on IoT LSP Standard Framework Concepts, Release 2.9. This deliverable introduces IoT Standards Developing Organisation (SDO), Alliance […]

5G IA – AIOTI Smart Networks and IoT – Common topics for research and innovation in Horizon Europe

The 5G Infrastructure Association (5G IA) and Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation Association (AIOTI) are collaborating closely on identifying the research and innovation topics that […]

AIOTI response to public consultation on European Partnership for smart networks and services (Horizon Europe programme)

At the end of August, AIOTI has submitted its response to the public consultation on Research & innovation – European Partnership for smart networks and services […]

Blog: Future-proof smart cities: the case of Bordeaux

By: Christophe Colinet, Smart City Program Manager, Bordeaux-Métropole and Omar Elloumi, Chair, Smart Cities Working Group, AIOTI Bordeaux-Métropole (greater Bordeaux) set its ambitions high: it aims to be […]

AIOTI Vision and Recommendations: European IoT challenges and opportunities 2019 – 2024

AIOTI has prepared its priorities for the new political cycle in the EU (2019-2024), that started with the election of the new European Parliament in May […]

Soft City. Industry Track, 28-29 August 2019 ISEN Yncréa Méditerranée, Toulon France

Design of future city services exploiting data marketplaces. Starting from urban everyday life. Co-located with the 28th international conference on Information systems development   Technologists and […]